Extra Loud Whistle made from an Extra Mint Container

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In this project I'll show how to create an extra loud whistle made out of a Wrigleys Extra Mint Container. If you have all the parts, this shouldn't take you more than 30-40 minutes to make. The whistle is extremely lightweight and a great addition to your outdoor adventure or survival kit. The video below doesn't really do the whistle any justice... It's even louder in the fresh.

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Step 1: What You Need For The Build

Picture of What You Need For The Build

If your lucky you might find all these things lying around the house or garage;

- A empty Extra Mint Container or something similar.
- A good pair of scissors
- 2 1/8" Bolts and 6 matching nuts
- A 1/8" Drill Bit
- A Drill (Battery or Hard Wired)
- A pair of Pilers
- Some Sandpaper, and
- A fine permanent marker pen

Step 2: Cutting Up Your Container

Picture of Cutting Up Your Container
2013 20:12.jpg
After you've found a suitable tin container for the job, start by marking and cutting out the main 3 pieces that go together to form the whistle; there are 2 pieces 65mm x 13mm, and 1 middle piece that is 72mm x 13mm. This middle piece is a little longer, so you can conveniently attach it to a lanyard, necklace or keychain. All the dimensions are list in the image above. Caution; be careful when cutting out these pieces, as the cut edges and off-cuts can be very sharp.

Step 3: Drilling The Holes

Picture of Drilling The Holes
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Once you've cut out your 3 main components, ensure each piece is nice and flat. Use your sandpaper to remove an sharp edges. Follow the dimensions in the image plan and mark out each point for the holes. Now using a drill on low speed, carefully drill out each hole using your 1/8" Drill Bit. It's ok if you use a sightly bigger drill bit and/or nuts and bolts, just not too much bigger or your project won't work.
nduarte11 year ago
Cool! Gonna try it with a credit card.
How do you keep from cutting yourself on this?
(removed by author or community request)
I guess he cut his mouth and is unable to speak.  :D~
Yeah it looks like. :) I won't start making this till he replies...
You keep from cutting yourself by working very carefully. I sanded the edges as I went along. Another option is to try it out on an expiried Credit Card, as shizumadrive suggested below. It should work just as well, just make sure you wash and clean the Credit Cards well, so the plastic is clean when you put it in your mouth.
It doesn't cut your mouth?
Wow cool and useful voted! I need one for when I sky backcountry in the mountain, I like that is so loud!
3zuli1 year ago
What is the spacing between your plates? I just made one from sheet aluminium, but it's kind of hard to cover it with my lips and make it whistle. It also sounds way lower than yours.
My spacing is about 2.5mm, the aluminium is about 0.4mm thick.
potterboy (author)  3zuli1 year ago
Hi 3zuli, the spacing and metal thicknes sounds ok. It takes a little while learn how to blow the whistle properly. You almost put the whole whistle in your mouth - with only the bolts at the end showing. Once you pick it up, you'll be right...
poorjohnn1 year ago
As a kid we made something like this from a piece of plumbers tape. stuff that has holes every inch or so. we just folded at one of the holes so two of them lined up and covered the inside edge with and blew into both holes. Super loud
Jiggsy1 year ago
Any chance this could be cut from a beer or soda can? I don't know how readily available these kinds of tins are in the US.
there a similiar container - it's called Eclipse

Mishna Jiggsy1 year ago
Based on the tin, I'd say an Altoids tin might work if it's long enough.
potterboy (author)  Jiggsy1 year ago
Hi Jiggsy, you could probably make the whistle from any number of different types of candy or mint containers. But I'd say the metal in a standard beer or soda can might be a little too thin to work with.
BARKing1 year ago
If you cover all the holes on the top and bottom when you blow it, would it still work if you only made holes in the middle piece? or is there air flow through the outer ones too?
potterboy (author)  BARKing1 year ago
Hi Barking, it's a little hard to explain, but when you cover all the holes with you lips, you're still exposing the holes inside your mouth and you need the 3 holes in the top and bottom to assist with the airflow in making it work, when you force a breath. Hope this makes sense.
I could use an altoid can I guess. I wonder if you could do this with some defunct credit cards though?
potterboy (author)  shizumadrive1 year ago
Hi shizumadrive, I didn't think of making one out of an expired credit card but that a great idea. In all honesty it would probably work a little better as the plastic in card is thicker than the tin in the Extra Mint Container. You would just need to be careful you don't crack the plastic when cutting and drilling.
It might be too thick. I tried with an expired library card. It didn't crack. Maybe the card pieces on the outside and the metal inside would work better. Could put wax paper matching piences on the outside of the metal but then it'd sound like a kazoo or a duck call.

A lot of interesting ideas to try out at least.
Nice, great idea.
Kiteman1 year ago
I don't quite understand your blowing instructions - could you add a photo or video of the correct way to blow?
potterboy (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
Sorry, I forgot to add a photo of how to position the whistle in your mouth. The new image should help explain it.
Oh, that does help. Does changing your tongue position affect the sound?
bricobart1 year ago
Favourited, cool project!
Very cool- I do the same thing with grass or paper :)
Love the creativity!
BARKing1 year ago
Cool whistle. You might want to clarify your instructions at one spot. You got nuts and bolts mixed. Each layer is spaced by a nut on the bolt.