My way of making quite sturdy wallets out of duct tape. They look good too.
Warning! It's a good bit harder to make these than the normal sheet made ones.

Helps to have something smooth and clean to make it on.
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Step 1: Make the templates

1. Find a good sized piece of cardboard or a plastic sign.
2. Cut 3 rectangles out of it measuring 9in x 3.5in, 2.75in x 3.5in, and 2.25in x 3.5in.

Step 2: Make the main pouch

1. Rip off a strip of duct tape at least 20in long.
2. Wrap it sticky side out long-wise around the bottom edge of the 9in x 3.5in rectangle.
3. Rip off a 9 inch log strip and seal the bottom edge by placing it sticky side out half way over the edge and folding it over to the other side.
4. Repeat step 2 to make the top part of the pouch.

Step 3: Make the side pockets

1. Using the 2.75in x 3.5in template, make two more pouches for the side pockets.

Step 4: Attach the pockets

1. Place a strip stickyside in along the bottom edge of the main pouch folded over onto both sides.
2. Place the pockets on each side opening inward.

Step 5: Cover it up

1. Rip off two 4in long strips and cover the are between the two pockets, with the ends going into the pockets.
2. Rip off two 2.75in long strips and rip them in half lengthwise. Put these on the top and bottom edges of the pockets folded over to cover the sticky edges.
3. Rip off a 3.5in long strip and rip it in half lengthwise. Place these on the inside edges of the pockets without hanging over OR leaving any of the edge stickiness exposed.
4. Rip off a strip about 14in long and place it on the bottom edge back of the main pouch centered, so it can be folded over at the edges and cover the face of the pockets. Do the same for the top edge.

Almost done!
00beever5 years ago
wow i like the idea of making templates it seems much easyer that how im making wallets ill have to try it some time.
smashbob6 years ago
WOW! that was a very nice i'ble. very easy to follow. it is a good idea, and i am in need of a wallet right now. your final product looks better than i thought it would. very nice.
PetervG8 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
jman109 PetervG6 years ago
hey,im new to this site.uh wats a pillow speaker?
PetervG jman1096 years ago
A speaker in a pillow.
tyleestuff7 years ago
nice, I find that gorilla tape, while it is extremely thick and strong, is just too hard to work with. It is so thich that it never bends completely and comes out like a brick. 100 mph tape works well, but as previously said, it is very weak. Thanks for the nice instructable.
hack124x768 (author) 8 years ago
Gorilla tape would be too strong, If i was to stick a peice of tape in the wrong place (yah right...) I need at least half a chance of getting it off. I have considered that extra wide studio duct tape though. About the strenth, I've been using my current wallet of this design for about two years. it's survived multiple times swimming and a few times in the wash. Its also been stuffed to almost bursting with money (hehe, i wish) and bus transfers. It can take as much, if not more, abuse than a leather one.
what in god's name are you people doing with your wallets that requires more strenght than this? i mean if you want it bulletproof I understand... nice design though.
its a dude thing
adaminc8 years ago
Try using Gorilla Tape, from the makers of Gorilla Glue, supposedly its incredibly strong, stronger then submariners tape!
hack124x768 (author) 8 years ago
I rather dislike 100 mile/hour tape. Its VERY weak. I think the name implies how easy it is to work with, not it's strength. My current favorite brand is Nashua (sp?), But its a little spendy at about $6 a roll.
for doubly xtra strongness use 100 mile an hour tape its black, wider and is reaaaaly strong (they use it to fix cars in nascar) and no i dont watch nascar my dad does i find it quite borrin all they do is go in circles like 500 times and ocasional something lights on fire
radiorental8 years ago
very nice, I carry a space pen and postit notes around in my stock wallet (with slight modding) Next time I need to replace it I'll build one of these, far nicer than the standard duct tape wallet