You need an extra television. What could you use that you already have to make something work?  Note: I actually have this set up already and use it in the workroom for an extra television that does not take up much space. Works great with older computers and game consoles also. One plus of this is that I can still play DVD movies. Sort of a mini entertainment center. I will take "War of the worlds" or the like and output the sound to a big stereo. It is awesome. Add a Roku or the like and you have the internet media also.

Step 1: Whats Needed.

DVD player with video in (audio in also would be even better)
Amplified Speaker(s) if you do not have audio in on the dvd player.
DTV tuner/converter. (We still have the old kind of tv's.) or VCR for analog cable.
Antenna ( i.e. https://www.instructables.com/id/Yet-another-dtv-antenna/) or cable video connection.
Appropriate cable adapters.
Power strip

Optional: (if you needed something if the power went out)
Dc to ac power inverter.
12v UPS battery or equivalent.
Thanx for the comment!
What a wonderful idea!

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