Introduction: Clamps...- Mulitfunction Tools

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The other day I was doing one of those big glue and clamp jobs& and just couldnt find my last clamp& looking widely around the shed for an alternative I picked up the Plumber Stillson Wrench&

What you need:
>Plumber Pipe wrench (big enough to span your edges)
>Regular clamp
>Your project
>Scrap wood to protect the project

Step 1: 1.) Pre Tension

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First put the regular clamp on close to where you want to position the Pipe wrench, and do it up tight. - sufficient to press the parts to gether to the desired requirement

Step 2: 2.) Place

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Now place the Pipe Wrench on next to the clamp with the jaws on each side. If you dont want to mark the timber then place some packing wood in between the jars and the projects before then winding the jaws shut.

You dont have as much leverage as a regular clamp - hence the pre tensioning

Step 3: 3.) in Position

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Take the regular clamp off and you have just got another multifunctional tool added to your collection..

Thanks to the makers of Pipe Wrenchs and Vice grips.


mr_snuffles (author)2012-03-10

Thats a good idea!
For small projects, I use spring binder clips as they are easier to use than clamps.
Here is an example :

CaseyCase (author)2009-04-05

Stillson wrench? You learn something new everyday. We always refer to 'em as pipe wrenches.

lasersage (author)CaseyCase2010-03-12

stilsons have a slightly wobbly head compared to your average wrench. It makes them really grip round tubes when you twist. They're very effective at getting stuck round stuff, twisted unstuck.

Pkranger88 (author)2009-04-09

I use large abs plastic pipe cut in short lengths with a slit down the side. They make great clamps. and cheap too.

agatornz (author)Pkranger882009-04-09

yes i have also seen this method- why not pop up and instructable? not sure if that one is on here yet>

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