Introduction: Extra Full Bathtub With Sugru

I love having my bathtub filled up all the way to the edge. Than I stay warm during bathing. Unfortunately my bathtub has an overflow... When I fill up my tub totally the water drains till below the overflow level. :(

This is why I made this hack.

Needed for this hack is

* 3 packages of Sugru in the color of your choice
* Dishwashing liquid
* 24 hours of patience

Step 1: How to Hack It

* Use scissors to open the 3 packs of Sugru.
* Condition by rolling the Sugru in the hand for about 30 secs.
* Role a snake of the Sugru
* Put the Sugru snake aside
* Spread dishwashing liquid around and inside the overflow
* Take the Sugru snake and wrap it around the overflow
* Let it cure for 24 hours

Step 2: The Result

An extra full bath and a good mood!


dandydanee made it!(author)2012-12-16

If you put that in an apartment, wouldn't that get you into trouble?

MaskMarvl made it!(author)2012-12-06

Good idea... :) I've used "snakes" made out of a long piece of toilet paper at hotels to get the water higher. Then I just through it away when I'm done. :P

agis68 made it!(author)2012-09-30

ok i can accept this. But imagine how many wise guys thought to place an overflow in any bathtub why? because that's the way it works not to flow water on your floor......anyway sugru is still so expensive to spent it like this....only for a prank maybe

killerjackalope made it!(author)2010-09-08

Did you make it or just have an idea, either way I've never had a bath that had an overflow

jvanree made it!(author)2010-09-08

Thanks for your comment. Yes I made it, but I didn't want to post pics of myself naked in the Also I didn't make pictures of the making process so I figured it would be better to make some drawings of it.

But I will take some pictures of the Sugru ring around the overflow tomorrow and post them here!

hug+me+and+die made it!(author)2011-05-20

killerjackalope made it!(author)2010-09-08

Ah right, got an ible in the works like that... do take a photo of the stuff in place for illustration but I like the drawings...

PaulMakesThings made it!(author)2011-05-16

If the overflow is the kind with slots on the bottom I just flip it upside down and bolt it back on. This gets you about 3" more water without disabling the overflow completely.

dan10025 made it!(author)2011-03-28

This is a great idea. I need to do this to replace the (ugly) duct tape I used to block my bathtub overflow!

What is the purpose of the dishwashing liquid? Is that to prevent the Sugru from sticking? Are you, therefore, molding Sugru into a plug that is shaped perfectly for your tub's overflow hole? (making a removable Sugru plug would be brilliant!)

sam3352 made it!(author)2011-03-04

think about it, there is a reason the overflow is there; if you feel you have the potential or some one in the household may leave the tap running id think its best not to do this as you could end up with a lot of water ruining the house

Natasha+Dee made it!(author)2011-03-08

I don't know about anyone elses, but all the bathtub's I've ever had come with an overflow drain that would only prevent an overflow if you left the plug closed and the tap dripping...for eight months. Most overflows don't allow enough water to drain fast enough to avoid a fully-opened tap from flooding your bathroom, which makes them useless and completely annoying.

Pentacle made it!(author)2010-09-27

I like the drawings! Lol.