DIY shelf above the stove = extra storage in a small kitchen

Picture of DIY shelf above the stove = extra storage in a small kitchen
When you have a small kitchen like I do, you need to use every inch of space that you have. I maximized the use of the space above my stove by adding a simple DIY shelf. It’s the perfect spot for extra large spice containers and cooking utensils: everything is within easy reach when cooking, it frees up precious cabinet space for other things and it turned out to be the perfect addition to my DIY magnetic spice rack and my reconfigured stove top (I took out 2 of the electrical heating elements and used glass cutting boards to cover up the holes to give me more counter space)

Here’s what you’ll need to build this simple shelf: 4″ x 1″ pine board (6 ft – less than $1 per ft), wood glue, wood filler, wood screws, corner clamps, drill and a countersink drill bit, and stain or paint
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Step 1: Cut pine board and apply glue

Picture of Cut pine board and apply glue
Cut 2 pieces of the pine board the width of your stove and 2 pieces 5 inches high for the sides (you can do the cutting at the hardware store or use a miter box and saw) – apply glue to the ends.

Step 2: Clamp pieces together

Picture of Clamp pieces together
Using 3″ corner clamps, join a long and short piece.

Step 3: Drill pilot holes

Picture of Drill pilot holes
Drill 2 pilot holes through the top and side piece using a countersink drill bit – this will allow the head of the screws to sink below the surface.

Step 4: Join pieces together with screws

Picture of Join pieces together with screws
Screw the pieces together, using thin wood screws (this will help avoid the wood splitting).

Step 5: Install remaining pieces

Picture of Install remaining pieces
Repeat step 1 to 4 for the other side, and then screw in place the remaining long piece.

Step 6: Prepare the shelf for staining or painting

Picture of Prepare the shelf for staining or painting
Add wood filler to cover up the screw heads and sand everything.

Step 7: Make it pretty

Picture of Make it pretty
Stain or paint – I used Minwax classic gray wood stain. 

Step 8: Add the shelf above the stove

Picture of Add the shelf above the stove
I simply rested my shelf on the top of the stove but adding a bracket to attach it to the wall will make it more stable. This extra shelf space has made me like my kitchen so much more - sometimes it doesn't take much to make a huge difference! 
I constructed a similar (bit more elaborate) shelf for behind my stove and mounted it to the wall. People are commenting with concerns about warping and fire hazards. In the time you have this have you had any issues with warping, heating, or things falling onto the stove?
EYSpace (author)  chloe.stamper1 year ago

I didn't have any issues with the shelf - my stove was electric and I had taken out the heating elements of the back burners removing any heat source close to the shelf.

jezibel1 year ago
I really like that I watched your Picture Frame Jewelry box video (that I LOVE!) because it makes this one easier to understand. I love it... I'm just going to start making my own boxes and shelves for everything now. I've been having crazy ideas for things and can never find what I want at any stores. Thanks!
EYSpace (author)  jezibel1 year ago
I'm so glad to hear that! I agree with you - it's so much easier to make exactly what you need instead of trying to find something that will work from a store. Have fun!
kinderdm2 years ago
I like this idea as right now things are just randomly thrown on the top of our stove, with no shelves. This will give a bit more space and much more organization. Cant go too tall though, you get to our hood pretty quick. I also love in your pic using the pizza tray for holding your spices. I was thinking of doing something similar and wasn't sure to use for my backing. This looks much better than anything I was thinking of. Thanks.
EYSpace (author)  kinderdm2 years ago
I know what you mean about having random stuff on top of the stove - that's what I had before too and I like this so much better! Glad you found my idea helpful!
Mihsin2 years ago
I shall make the shelf with addition of laminate fiber sliding doors, for protection from oil splatter. Many thanks for a good-small project.
Best regards.
EYSpace (author)  Mihsin2 years ago
So glad you've found this idea helpful - and I like your plan to add doors. Hope you'll share pics of your project. Thanks!
This is great for small kitchens. Thanks!
EYSpace (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
You're welcome! It's a simple project that makes a really big difference, at least it did in my kitchen!