Extract Text From Image Using Google Keep


Introduction: Extract Text From Image Using Google Keep

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Extracting text from image is needed some time. Say, you come took a snapshot of your bill and want to copy and send the text to someone else. Then extracting the text from image would come handy.

Most of us use some OCR (Optical Character Recognition) softwares to extract text from image. But, if you have Google Keep in your mobile, then it is enough to do that.

Apart from taking notes, creating To-Do list, Google Keep acts as OCR to extract text from images and it is shown how it can be done in the video.

Please do watch the video and let me know your comments!



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    Yes, Google Docs can automatically process OCR. Here is one more free option, using OneNote OCR

    (I accidentally stumbleupon this solution)


    onenote ocr 03.jpg