Introduction: Extract Your Own Dna From Blood

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things you need
distilled water
sodium chloride (salt)
rubbing alcohol
proteinase k  (optianal)
dish soap

Step 1:

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the first step is to get some blood and put the blood in a container then put in a little water in it (distilled water)

Step 2:

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next add the proteinase k if you want, then add the dishwashing soap and mix

Step 3:

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The final step is to add the rubbing alcohol (make sure the two layers don't mix) and let this sit for a few minutes and then you are done.


d3ath101 (author)2014-03-10

First step: eh you know, just get some blood.

eshan.wells (author)d3ath1012015-01-28

Perhaps your local GP would be able to do it for you?

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