Extracting Blue Laser Diode From Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player

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Introduction: Extracting Blue Laser Diode From Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player

Photos showing process of removing laser from HD-DVD drive.

NOTE: in one of the final steps I shattered my diode. be extremely careful when punching diode out of its heat sink. when powered my shattered diode lit up very dimly. I hope you have better luck.
thanks to user mb4004 for help and to KipKay for inspiration.



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    This would go great as an Instructable.

    You should try it out!

    And don't delete this slideshow; it's okay to have both.

    +5/5 stars.


    Thanks! but I figure I should confirm that this works before I make an instructable. i broke mine, so i have no way of knowing how bright they are. if anyone successfully extracts their diode and has photos of it in use, I'll happily use them in an instructable.

    Why did you decide to extract it from your 360? Was there a problem with it?


    i took it out of the HD-DVD drive, not the x-box. its an external HD-DVD drive. it was about 40 dollars on ebay and i wanted to make a blue laser pointer.

    how did it shatter? and how do you know?


    it shattered when i used an object with too mall of a diameter to punch the diode from its place. the brass on the front surrounding the glass plate was caved in and the glass plate was shattered. when i apply current to the diode it glows very very weakly. considerably less bright than a $3 red laser pointer. the light emitted does not form a circle as it does with my red diode with out a lens, it makes a trianglarish offset uneven blob. i do not know that much about electronics or lasers but the performance of the diode(or what's left of it) doesn't match up with KiKay's blu-ray phaser when i am told that they use the same diode. i am fairly certain i was applying the right voltage because i supplied it thru a regulator circuit kit i bought on ebay that was specifically for blue laser diodes.

    what should you use to punch it out of the annoying little heat sink?

    i used to pliers needle nose and flat head i think it is called and put one on the left and one on the right and twist in opposite directions it will take some force because they a liquid welded together and practice on the red lase part before you try the blue laser if you want the blue laser and practice on the blue laser if you want red laser.


    a punch of the appropriate diameter. i don't know what the diameter is. you could probably use the tail end of a drillbit

    i bought on ebay
    Thats where you went wrong,my friend
    you cant expect stuff like that from ebay to work well