This is a great introductory activity while introducing the subject of DNA and cellular structure.  Cheap, quick, and easy to set up, this activity can leave a lasting impact on students learning.  In this lab activity, students will begin to unravel what they will be learning about and conceptualize what it is that they will be learning about.  By extracting DNA, students will understand what the substance is, how we can extract it, and many properties of the cell.  This hands on activity will help students become motivated to learn more as they take on the role of a farmer, a scientist, a geneticist, and many more perspectives.  The flexibility and relatively low cost of this lab experiment makes it a great learning tool. 


Step 1: Materials

What you need:
1) Heavy Duty Ziplock Bags or freezer bags
2) Fresh or frozen strawberries, ( can use several other types of food for comparison)
3) 10 mL of DNA extraction fluid (soapy, salty water)
4) 40 mL of ice cold ethanol
5) Test tube/rack
6) Filter and funnel
7) Glass stirring rod
8) Pipet
9) 100 mL and 50 mL beakers
10) Microcentrifuge tube (optional) 

A cost efficient interchange of materials could be used as well:
Definitely doing this with my 7th graders this week. I've already introduced the concepts of DNA, but it will be great for them to extract it themselves. Great guiding and closure questions. One question... could you use something other than ethanol? Thanks!
Ohmygosh! I just did this in science! It also works with kiwi's, grapes and pears.

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