This instructable will tell you how to harvest your honey without spending a lot of money.

Step 1: Step One. Get Some Bees and Have Them Die.

So I decide to try my hand at bee keeping. I bought a hive and some bees. Made sure they had plenty of flowers and water to feed on, treated them for mites as recommended and didn't harvest any of their honey. Low and behold I went out to check on them during a January warm spell and they were all dead. Since the sole reason I hadn't touched their honey stores was to make sure they had enough food for the winter I decided to harvest some of the honey for myself.

The picture was taken on day one of my bee keeping adventure when I was installing the new bees.

<p>Keep trying. I saw instructions on a winter heater for the hives using an aquarium heater and was looking into it. Check out my ibble on a cheep extractor nine inch frames would fit in it but not well. I'm working on a larger extractor using a tread mill motor. I recommend the nylon paint strainers the holes are larger and the honey flows better.</p>
<p>Wow. This is so cool.</p>

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