Extraordinary Eggs : Painted



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Introduction: Extraordinary Eggs : Painted

How to make wonderful egg shell paintings?

Eggshells are waste materials. But it is not so. It can be used for many craft works.

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Egg shells

2. Fabric paints

3.Painting brush

Step 2: How to Take the Egg Shell in the Appropriate Shape?

1.Take an egg and strike its bottom part with a knife such that only a small hole is made on the bottom part.

2.Take the yolk and white of the egg out through this hole and make an omelette!

3.The egg shell is washed carefully without forming cracks.

4.Allow it to dry for some time.

Step 3: How to Paint the Egg Shells?

1. It is very simple. Dip the brush in paint.

2. Draw designs according to your idea.



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