Picture of Extreamely Easy Mouse Treats
Hello today I'm going to show you how to make a extremely easy treat for your mice or similar rodent.
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Step 1: Nut Cone

Picture of Nut Cone
You're going to need a Strobilus from the common Pinophyta which in English means you will need a conifer cone which are completely free given the landscape you live in.

Step 2: Flavors and Toppings

Picture of Flavors and Toppings
Next you will need the ingredients that are going to make our normal pine cone (which mice love anyways) into a tasty treat that costs next to nothing.

The items you will need are honey, then just about anything that will stick to it.

I like using tea leaves from tea bags because they're crazy cheap and it lets your furry critters enjoy foliage from the land of the orient.

You can also use anything small enough to stick to the side of the cone, like barley or another small similar type of seed.

I have also used the breakfast of champions as well.

Step 3: Essentials

Picture of Essentials
Basically make sure you have these two things and a healthy imagination and you should be all set.

Step 4: PreDip Preperations

Picture of PreDip Preperations
Next crush up everything in a small dish in order to make it easier to apply it to the cone.

Step 5: Glazing

Picture of Glazing
Next add honey to the pine cone, this can be done with fingers, a tool, or gravity.

Or you could add it to your mixture either way is fine.

Step 6: The Spread

Picture of The Spread
Roll your pine cone in your substance thoroughly.

Then let it dry for about 5 minutes so the honey isn't as runny.

Step 7: Finally

Picture of Finally
And you're done, and have just made a tasty treat that your furry friends will love.