Picture of Extreamly Fast Nerf Loading Tips (Recon)
In this mod i will be showing you how to do two fast loading mods.
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Step 1: Chuck It In The Front!

Picture of Chuck It In The Front!
Photo 0294.jpg
Photo 0295.jpg
1. take a nerf dart
2. reload the gun backwards and forwards
3. put the dart in the front and push.
4. fire!

Step 2: Chuck It In The Bottom!

Picture of Chuck It In The Bottom!
Photo 0297.jpg
Photo 0298.jpg
Photo 0299.jpg
1.take one streamline dart
2. load it into the mag
3. pull the slide back and load the clip
4. push the slide forward as in the picture
5. pull the slide back
6. remove the clip
7. push forward
8. Fire!
Famoosh4 years ago
Or, you can throw the dart in the bottom without a clip. But if you had a clip, why not use it instead? Lots faster than from the front. Or the bottom.
when done eith clip,whip it at oppent! how bout that!
i dont think anybody would do the second one
This is just common sense. The only situation this would be necessary in is if you were stupid enough to only bring one clip, in which case you wouldn't have the extra darts to do this in the first place.
Famoosh pointed out the hole in the bottom thingamagigger, didn't you ever wonder what that was for? The Nerf people probably put that there in hopes someone would figure this out. Think outside the common sense, buddy.
billybenj4 years ago
the second way would accually take longer, the first one prolly would too....
aliensarecoming (author)  billybenj4 years ago
What do you mean about 'prolly'? The First way is less accurate but faster, but the second is way more accurate.
it would be faster just to put them all in a clip, or make a breech, and that wouldnt effect how accurate it is.
or just make a few 12 dart clips and reload half as often