Extrem 40 V1.6





Introduction: Extrem 40 V1.6

Hi everyone! this is my first gun on this site and my first Instructable! this gun is a great assault rifle, and is very small compared to guns like the storm 223.

Version history:
1.0: A mini pistol with a mag and a block trigger
1.1: Added a true trigger and a handle
1.3: Added a false barrel and a grip
1.4: made a ram and a rail for it to go on
1.5: made a stock
1.6 added the rest of the body

great range for size (50-70ft.)
an autoloading mag made by extreme builder
comfortable grip
true trigger
good stock

no sight
mag not detachible

Step 1: Barrel


Step 2: Handle and Trigger

my own trigger!

Step 3: Magazine

mag is made by extreme builder

Step 4: False Barrel and Grip

Here you will make the false barrel and the Grip

Step 5: Ram

This is a simple step... just use a gray rod if you do not have a clear one.

Step 6: Stock

Make sure you make an exact replica of this

Step 7: Body

Yep, the rest of the body

Step 8: Attachment

Sorry if there are not many pics for this step.

Step 9: Rubber Bands

Rubber bands

Step 10: Reloding

All you have to do to reload is fill the mag with blue rods then put a rubber band through it and onto the red hooks



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    I really like how it does not use pieces I do not have.

    over all design looks cool not sure how good it works but im gona build it 5*

    u stole it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now i hate u u probly didnt even ask permission from extreme builder!
    (i dont really h8 ulol!)

    DGM had permisssion to use EB's mag.

    on the trig where should it go and on the ram what is it on more pics maybe?

    i made this gun and it only goes like 5 feet can someone help me?

    has anyone made a grenade launcher to replace the grip?

    lol nice shoe lace in pic 2. but good gun looks AWESOME!

    Thars a 2 slot connector i think