Hi everyone! this is my first gun on this site and my first Instructable! this gun is a great assault rifle, and is very small compared to guns like the storm 223.

Version history:
1.0: A mini pistol with a mag and a block trigger
1.1: Added a true trigger and a handle
1.3: Added a false barrel and a grip
1.4: made a ram and a rail for it to go on
1.5: made a stock
1.6 added the rest of the body

great range for size (50-70ft.)
an autoloading mag made by extreme builder
comfortable grip
true trigger
good stock

no sight
mag not detachible

Step 1: Barrel


Step 2: Handle and Trigger

my own trigger!

Step 3: Magazine

mag is made by extreme builder

Step 4: False Barrel and Grip

Here you will make the false barrel and the Grip

Step 5: Ram

This is a simple step... just use a gray rod if you do not have a clear one.

Step 6: Stock

Make sure you make an exact replica of this

Step 7: Body

Yep, the rest of the body

Step 8: Attachment

Sorry if there are not many pics for this step.

Step 9: Rubber Bands

Rubber bands

Step 10: Reloding

All you have to do to reload is fill the mag with blue rods then put a rubber band through it and onto the red hooks
I really like how it does not use pieces I do not have.
over all design looks cool not sure how good it works but im gona build it 5*
u stole it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br/><sup>now i hate u u probly didnt even ask permission from extreme builder!</sup><br/>(i dont really h8 ulol!)<br/>
DGM had permisssion to use EB's mag.<br />
on the trig where should it go and on the ram what is it on more pics maybe?
i made this gun and it only goes like 5 feet can someone help me?
kinda looks like a G36C
has anyone made a grenade launcher to replace the grip?
lol nice shoe lace in pic 2. but good gun looks AWESOME!
Thars a 2 slot connector i think
please come back to ibles.
Nope, Nope, Nope, and Nope. Ibles sucks. And Ibles sucks. Plus, KI rules If you don't like it You suck. Have fun. -Brad/DGM
Wow you are real impressionable. Now shove it, traitor.
Traitor? I don't think so. I left this site in the first place because knex wasn't appreciated at all here. Does knex ever get featured? NO. Do we get looked upon in the community? NO, we actually get looked down apon. KI is a place where we can be free from the limitations of ibles. If you don't like the people there, don't mess with em. And KI is an actual forum, this means no more widdly diddly posts and stupid nonsense comments -Brad/DGM
Its now time to conclude the obvious with DJ Radio: You claim that "Knex wasnt appreciated at all here" and "Knex never gets featured". Ibles cares enough about knex to make a category for us. As for your featured remark, the feature team tends to feature non knex gun ibles more often. Yes, they do feature knex ibles. "KI is a place where we can be free from the limitations of ibles" Sure you can be free from the nonexistant "limitations" of ibles, but then you are subject to the limitations of KI, and frankly KI has more limitations than ibles. "No more widdly diddly posts and stupid nonsense comments" Those kinds of comments rule, unless you cant reach the reply button. Oh, and are you sure its just brad? Are you sure it isnt ~~bradleyJOHN~~?
whats ki?
KI is Knexinnovation.net Its a great place were the best guns are.
Ya, I went to KI to see what is what like and it sucked. Ibles owns it in about every way
Why do you say that?
Well, for one thing, Ibles is so much easier to navigate. Also, it has a lot of the same guns as Ibles so there is no point to go to it. Thats only a couple reasons.
KI is pretty easy to navigate once you get an account. KI has the finest weapons available
I know this is off of the KI subject, but I built MES sidearm and your blazer (before you moved it) and I loved them both. Also, I miniturized (cant spell) your blazer to be a pistol and it works great only it has a small amount of hop up on the bullet.
KI is hard to navigate. It took me several months to fully understand how to use the system, by then, I quit. KI only has the finest weapons because most of the good builders moved there, and to make it worse, they move their guns over. He doesnt need a KI account if he just wants to make knex guns from there. There isnt really anything he needs to do other than that, unless he wants to rate the guns, but then again, KI doesnt have a rating system.
Thanks for the compliment. And everyone Mepain already explained the rating system thing several times, we don't want making guns to be that much of a competition.
where was I saying a compliment? If you guys dont want making guns to be a competition, why do you host knex contests?
<em></em><br/>KI only has the finest weapons because most of the good builders moved there, and to make it worse, they move their guns over.<em></em><br/><br/>I said we don't want it to be a un-friendly competition, we just like little friendly competitions that challenge us. <br/>
That statement was to point out that one of your claimed "benefits" of KI was just made because the site was started in the first place. a rating system seems less competitive than a contest of sorts.
Why does a knex gun need a rating? Just read the comments and see what people think.
<em>Darth Gecko Man: Why does a knex gun need a rating?</em><br/><br/>Answer: so you can tell if its good or not<br/><br/><em>Darth Gecko Man: Just read the comments and see what people think.</em><br/><br/>Answer: most of the time i see people commenting about off topic stuff<br/>
umm not really, there is one i don't like, the site is basically a forum, ibles is more organized than KI, i like how ibles has steps, KI: all pics are on 1 page, and somewhat i don't understand how to make a gun on there
where the f**k did your blazer go?
put it on both sites. Why did you delete it?
My favorite site is KI, and<br/><br/>Putting instructions on KI = More KI pageviews = more money for KI = more time spent on that site = better site<br/><br/>Plus, Ibles is not worthy of my knex awesomeness.<br/>
More pageviews dont equal more money. What happened to you man, you used to be cool.
Yes it does.<br/><br/>More page views = more ad clicks = more money<br/><br/>And don't suck up to me. It will not make me come back to this place, I already am keeping those 3 instructables.<br/>
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that comment was a joke that I made because I was pissed that you switched to KI and then changed your name to brad.
in real life?
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what did the blazer look like?
idkloolz. there are some pictures lying around. It was pretty overrated anyways.
i dont even know where to search for a gun
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Hell, Im staying here even if that means im the last knexer left.
yeah ... i will theres good guns here anyways

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