Extrem 40 V1.6





Introduction: Extrem 40 V1.6

Hi everyone! this is my first gun on this site and my first Instructable! this gun is a great assault rifle, and is very small compared to guns like the storm 223.

Version history:
1.0: A mini pistol with a mag and a block trigger
1.1: Added a true trigger and a handle
1.3: Added a false barrel and a grip
1.4: made a ram and a rail for it to go on
1.5: made a stock
1.6 added the rest of the body

great range for size (50-70ft.)
an autoloading mag made by extreme builder
comfortable grip
true trigger
good stock

no sight
mag not detachible

Step 1: Barrel


Step 2: Handle and Trigger

my own trigger!

Step 3: Magazine

mag is made by extreme builder

Step 4: False Barrel and Grip

Here you will make the false barrel and the Grip

Step 5: Ram

This is a simple step... just use a gray rod if you do not have a clear one.

Step 6: Stock

Make sure you make an exact replica of this

Step 7: Body

Yep, the rest of the body

Step 8: Attachment

Sorry if there are not many pics for this step.

Step 9: Rubber Bands

Rubber bands

Step 10: Reloding

All you have to do to reload is fill the mag with blue rods then put a rubber band through it and onto the red hooks



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    I really like how it does not use pieces I do not have.

    over all design looks cool not sure how good it works but im gona build it 5*

    u stole it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now i hate u u probly didnt even ask permission from extreme builder!
    (i dont really h8 ulol!)

    1 reply

    DGM had permisssion to use EB's mag.

    on the trig where should it go and on the ram what is it on more pics maybe?

    i made this gun and it only goes like 5 feet can someone help me?

    has anyone made a grenade launcher to replace the grip?

    Thars a 2 slot connector i think

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