Hot chocolate is my favorite hot beverage for those cold snowy days! It soothes the spirit and comforts the soul! Not just any bacon caramel hot chocolate will fit the bill! It must be the real deal to soothe the spirit and sway the soul! You can't go wrong with an"Extreme Bacon Caramel Hot Chocolate."

Follow through and I will prove it to you! By the way don't run away too fast, it taste tantalizing without the bacon flavor!

Step 1: Baking Chocolate and Bakers Sugar

Did you know that on the back label of Hershey's Cocoa is a recipe for Baking chocolate? In my opinion it taste much better than the type you buy in the squares. Do you notice that shortening or oil is one of the ingredients to add to the Cocoa powder to make the baking chocolate? When I grew up bacon fat was often used to enhance the flavor of baked goods, especially in pies. Think of it as a southern baker's butter! I made some baking chocolate using the bacon fat and the flavor was surprisingly good. the bitter-sweet complimented the bacon flavor! If you can't get past the idea of using bacon fat use oil or shortening instead, the flavor just might surprise you!

I would like to share another thing with you about "Bakers sugar." Bakers sugar is a finer grain of regular table sugar. It is not as fine as powdered sugar. You can make your own by grinding table sugar using a coffee grinder or possibly a blender if the blender will blend to a fine texture. Sugar is another ingredient added to Hershey's Cocoa to make baking chocolate.

Whole milk is a luxury in my household. After my children grew up and moved away from home, we do not buy fresh milk, because it spoils before we get a chance to drink it all. I have been buying canned milk and using powdered milk for cooking. When I was a child I grew up on whole milk, in fact, my mother always bought raw milk. I have noticed the milk that is sold today does not have the same wonderful flavor that I remember. Occasionally I will have my husband buy a quart of Price's whole milk. It is better in my opinion than other brands. They sell ice-cream that is pretty tasty also. I am sure that organic milk is even better but I rarely buy organic because of the price.

I luv bacon
sounds great!!
It was good! Thanks for stopping by and hope your day is happy and bright! <br>sunshiine
I am both terrified and intrigued by this recipe. While I cannot try this myself (got the beetus), I might have to make this for my favorite Guinea pigs - I mean, friends.
They will like it! Thanks for stopping by and do have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
They will like it! Thanks for stopping by and do have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
oh... my... YUM!!!! ;-P~
We both really liked it! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a very happy Easter! <br>sunshiine
I love your Instructables but chocolate and bacon? I don't know, I'm not that brave.. <br>I love salted caramel, but bacon and sweet stuff is not my thing. <br>Still I love the way you served it. <br>I might be brave, one day, and try it... <br>;)
The beauty of the recipe is you can get creative and make any combination you like. I chose chocolate and bacon because it seems to be quite popular right now. Try caramel and chocolate and omit the bacon and use a pretzel stick as garnish, and see what you think. It is fun to experiment. A lot of fantastic recipes were created quite by accident, by food explorers! Who would think peppers and jam would make a good combination. How about fair foods that are totally weird! I like your recipes instructables also! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
I'm with you with experimenting but up to a point! :D<br>I'm sure there are things I don't like together even without trying them. Bacon and chocolate is one of those. ;P<br>I'm sure that if somebody preparared it I would give it a try though, but being in Italy I think that that is highly improbable.<br>Have a happy Easter if you celebrate it or have a nice holiday time anyway.<br>:)
Thanks for your input as it is interesting how people like yourself and MC. from different countries view food combinations. Have a Happy Easter as well! <br>sunshiiine
Have a great day as well! Great instrutable!
Hi Sunshine, not only do I make hot chocolate with organic milk but raw organic milk, I buy it direct from the farm where I buy my chicken grain for sprouting. You are so much better off buying organic milk because of the cows being on grass pasture, there will be no GMOs in their winter feed and they are not treated with antibiotics and hormones, they are also very well cared for. We have an old car, no credit cards, no gadgets, use very little electricity, so we can afford a 100% organic diet. We also grow a lot of our own organic food and raise our own organic poultry. In the long run it is so worth it, you don't get the health problems either associated with a non organic diet., you are helping to care for the planet and you are not contributing to the horrid coffers of battery farms, they have these for cows too, which is where 'cheap' milk comes from!! One of the extra plusses of raw milk is it will remineralise your teeth, which ordinary milk can not - so no dentist bill either. All the very best from France and thanks for the instructables, you always make interesting ones! Sue
Thanks so much for the interesting read! We are striving to do just what you are talking about here. We are a few months away I hope! I am looking forward to a different way of living! Thanks Sue, for stopping by and I hope your day will bring unexpected pleasures! <br>sunshiine
Hi Sunshine, <br>All the very best and good luck with your project, you will never regret it. We got out of the 'rat-race' in 2000 and have lived every minute of every day since unlike the pure existing for most of the weekday before. I hope the same for you, you wished for me. Three lambs born up the fields on the day you wrote that, so we had a real idea that Spring had arrived at last, Sue
Aw thanks for sharing that and for the compliment! I do miss farm life and for us it is in the near future but we have to finish the work here and then . . . we move, perhaps in the fall. I thought spring had arrived here because all the fruit trees were in blossom and the trees are budding and the birds are nesting and the weathers long term projection was looking very good and I told my neighbor who lives next door 4 months out of the year, that our weather was going to be perfect while she was here and then BOOM! 3 nights it was in the teens! We experience late frost more often that I like to admit. Life does throw a few curve balls but in reality they are only small inconveniences! Again thanks so much for sharing and do have a splendid day!
I feel the same with my pets when I lose them. I'm sad at the beginning, but then I remember all of the things we did together.
That's the way to look at it! I hope your day shines!
I am really sorry about Desi. :( loosing pets is no fun.
I agree but I had her over 11 years and she gave me fond memories that will be with me in spirit forever! Thanks for the sweet comment!
Oh, that's sweet!
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are enjoying spring! <br>sunshiine
YOU CHANGED YOUR PROFILE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like it, it's super cute!!!!!!
Thanks! That is my girl Desi but she is visiting the man upstairs now but I miss her and thought I would enjoy her picture for a while.
SUPER AWESOME!!! So gonna try, awesome job sunshiine, and I made a new Alex and Ani instructable!!! Haha, I'm pretty obsessed!!!!
I will have to plan a visit and see what you are up to! Thanks for stopping by for a hot cup of hot chocolate and have an awesome day! <br>sunshiine
Delicious! <br> <br>Whole milk is a luxury in my household as well, but I think it's the only way to go when making hot chocolate! It add just the right amount of richness. ;)
Boy do I agree! I don't like the imitation packets that you make with water. The flavor is not there! It is too sweet! Thanks for stopping by and have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
NO WAY!!! HOT CHOCOLATE WITH BACON???? YOU ARE NOT A COOKER, BUT A MAD SCIENTIST!!!! <br> <br>But I absolutely love your instructables! Sunshiine, YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!! :-)
I am a mad scientist! Instructables is responsible! I have changed my way of cooking, really! It is goooooood! Trust meah! I embrace your compliment and thank you for it! I hope your day is like a cup of your favorite beverage even if it is not chocolate with bacon! Cheers! <br>sunshiine
Thanks Sunshiine! Intructables has this effect on the people ;-)
It does, I can tell you it has challenged me in all areas of my life. I just keep learning more and becoming better at the things I do. It is hard to explain but it has been a lot of fun! I am sure you are going to remember your time there with the fondest memories! <br>sunshiine
I think your kind of Fantastic also! I am sure your mom would agree!

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