Picture of Extreme CD Repair
This method is the most extremely effective way on bringing back unreadable and heavily scratched CD's but a word of CAUTION! it is also the most risky and dangerous!

You need the following to begin with.

1. A Gas Stove
2. Cotton Towel
3. Pot with 2 inch of water.
4. Fork.
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Step 1: Position the fork into the CD.

Picture of Position the fork into the CD.
You need to insert the two tooth of the fork into the center of the CD.
Make sure that the fork doesn't change the CD's contour too much, and it must be straight and even.

Step 2: Carefully Heat the CD into a Low Flame.

Picture of Carefully Heat the CD into a Low Flame.
You must take extreme care with this process, since it'll easily destroy your
CD if you have no control. Spin all around the CD into the flame, until the heat
is evenly distributed.

The CD will slightly bend in the middle and in it's sides, but not too much, else the CD
is all f*cked up.

Step 3: Boil your CD.

Picture of Boil your CD.
Boil the CD for 5 minutes, so the uneven sides will be contoured by hot water to straighten up. Cover it.
The CD will float by the boiling water, so don't worry about it touching any hot metal surfaces of the pot.

Using a fork, fish the CD out, then put it in a towel, where you dry it up from the center outwards.

And it's done!
The CD is as good as new!
zidakano2 years ago
If your old enough to remember magazines that came with cd content warped discs were a common problem boiling them really does work at getting them to read. I've never tried a gas flame to refinish a scratched cd though so I can't comment there.
Buskieboy5 years ago
This is a joke right?  Maybe you can "dry" it in a microwave after too?

I know we can flag comments, but how do you flag a whole instructable?
This should be removed before too many, um, challenged people try this.
looooooooooooooooooolllllll that will work
BALO774 years ago
WELL, HIS USER NAME IS .....supervillain!!!!!
Wow. That's desperation for you. I just use lotion.
gruda5 years ago
 it actually kinda worked for me, but I did it as a last resort and I practiced with blanks first.
vandal11386 years ago
Or how about this? Everyone use common sense! If you feel the need to do this, its your fault for screwing your cd's up. The system works for the guy who wrote this. If it doesn't for you then blame yourself, not him.
lol if you got scrached cd/dvd's there is a kit for repairing scrached displays of GSM phones, clean the disc with WHITE alcohol and use a cooton pice of cloth to GENTILEY wipe the surface, then use the kit's fluids/tools AS IN THE TOOLS INSTRUCTION OF USE on your disc.
Xcr0n7 years ago
where the title says Extreme CD Repair, it should read Extreme CD Destruction! Anyone who actually tries this to fix a cd is a moron.
ajstewart927 years ago
yeesh, hes using a freakin blank cd. why someone on such a respected site would do something like this. ch4zl33 if you ever go to this again, check alternatives, check clues, and look around the web for any info. You could easily type in *boiling cds* into google and get a big NO! INSTRUCTABLES TAKE ACTION!!!
ch4zl337 years ago
I tried this on my windows vista CD and you ruined it. It just melted the CD. thanks a lot.