Extreme Homemade Beltsander Raptor (Anglegrinder Hack!)





Introduction: Extreme Homemade Beltsander Raptor (Anglegrinder Hack!)

About: Electromechanic with a woodworking hobby who interesses in random projects...

This is mine Raptor V2.1 anglegrinder beltsander system.

The power comes from: Einhell TE-AG125 CE 1100W | D125mm (66euro in store)

Important detail is that this grinder has a variable speed from 2K to 11K!!!

I will try to show you as much plans as possible to make one.

But i'm no planmaker. i ussualy build from within my head :D

Want to make one? BE SURE to read all texts and view videos, so you are sure you still want to begin with it...

Step 1: Step 1 : the Skatewheels

first of all: there are 2 videos that show some of the build and how it works.

Now: The photos i took are covered with the info you need to make the base of the machine.

Not "all" dimensions can be found. There still needs to be some imput and creativity from

your side.

1. the wheels.



These ones did i use, but you can use most wheels. no need for lights haha. (my mistake when ordering)

You also need ballbearings for 2 wheels (so 4!) and 4 ballbearings for the other side(see second photo.

bolts are M8. other dimensions are on it. NOTE: on of the normal nuts have been grinded to an angle!

Step 2: Step 2: the Drivewheel

This is the drivewheel to fit on most M14 anglegrinders.

I took an extensionnut of M14 and modified the wheel slightly so it can be pressed in. Then i glued it thight with 2 compoundglue.

Note this wheel has curves. I put this wheel on the anglegrinder ans let it spin into an other sander of grinder until the wheel gets crowned like this.

Step 3: Step 3: the Toolrest

The pictures and the drawing says more than i ever could. just follow it. The dimensions can be found in an other step where most dimensions are stored together.

Step 4: Step 4: the Frame

The frame has been made from normal steel. link ebay below.


Photos explains the most i can tell you.

On drawing 5 you see a kind of square with a nut on the side and a big hole in the center. That is the old clamp i made in wood for holding the anglegrinder. the V2.1 doesnt have that anymore. The guard of the anglegrinder has been modified to act as clampingmethod.

I also use a damper to make sure there is always tension on the belt.


Most bolts and nuts are bought in normal hardwarestores. Make sure to use nuts with plastic rings so they don't come loose on important points like the swingarm!!!

Picture 1 shows a multiplex(plywood) 18mm sheet with a membraan on top of graphite. to find any, check for Makita Graphite on google orso.

Drawings are included to show you details. The drawings are based on the machine, and not the other way arround like it normally is...

Step 5: Step 5: Random Things

I also made a C clamp that is easy to pull off for the switch on the anglegrinder. really usefull when you use it on a standard.

also some extra detailphotos provided just for viewing.

BELT!. The belt is kind of homemade. It comes from a 1000 X 100 mm belt that is made for a big contimac beltsander. I used scissors to cut them in half so they fit my machine. No idea a belt of 1000X45 exists...

Step 6: Step 6: Finish

Yes, this is not the perfect tutorial to make an identical copy. But anyone with a littlebit creativity and hands-on approach will find the ideas to make it work, just like it did :-) (well, i hope so...)

Be sure to check the videos.

Work SAFE! I hold no responsibility for your creations. My ideas are not always the safest. A machine like this can be found in store (only 2.259 dollar...) with all CE regulations to be safer.



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    1 year ago

    This looks like someting that I'm going to build!! Nice work!!

    1 reply

    thx mate. sure something that is easy to get used a lot around the shop!

    Great tool, I am looking forward to building one as soon as I get home from winter travels!

    1 reply

    thx friend, if only i could get ideas like that daily :D

    Question, why not just use stacked ball bearings instead of skateboard wheels? Is there a reason for spacers between the bearings? I think the surface would be more level or smooth without the spacers. I think I will try my build with just stacked ball bearings and see how it works unless you have experienced problems with that idea. Thanks for a great design, I was all set to build a fixed bench 2" x 72" model but your idea is much more versatile for my shop.

    1 reply

    hey, i did miss your post. i used skateboard wheels because they have grip and a most grinders i know have a rubberish runningsurface, so this was a cheap solution compared to big bearings i don't have. same for the spacers. i only had 4 bearings left and the sandpaper is pretty sturdy and stong so. ;-). i'm still looking for improvements, but i'm pretty satisfied with the design and speed adjustable grinder. i use it as my primary sander so my portable beltsander of makita is only gathering dust now :D


    BTW, you can buy belts made to any size. But, I think it would be
    best to adjust the dimensions to use a common sized belt. That way you
    can buy them locally or order online and get them cheaper and faster. 45mmX1000mm is close to standard size 2" x 42" belt, and 2" skateboard wheels are available. Just a thought for anyone thinking of building one.

    1 reply

    Thx for the info mate. You are totally right on the building to a Common size!

    Vroooooom! That must rip through wood like nobody's business!

    What is keeping the belt from coming off?

    It looks like one swipe to the right and Pop! There goes the belt...?

    Perhaps I missed something in the photos?

    2 replies

    I believe that is why he crowned the drive wheel. The crowning tends to make the belt run to the middle

    Exactly. Buy, if you use it in your hand to grind a pipe you should be a Little carefull not to go too rough. But the belt is held in Place by the crowned wheel and the adjustable bolt with bearings


    1 year ago

    thank you for the information I think I'll try to build one you are a very clever individual I love taking old things and making something new and useful out of them thank you again