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Introduction: Extreme Lacrosse

this is one of many sports that i usually do when iam amzingly bored :( yet it sure does pass the time when u have one or more ppl with u and the bigger the half pipe the more amout of ppl at once

Step 1: Wht U Need

for the first step your going to need to gather your materials and tools of the trade:
-skate board
-half pipe ( i made mine myself its not the greatest but it works)
-lacrosse stick
-indian rubber ball
-helmet(don't judge me I couldn't find mine when i was talking the photo )
-and tape

Step 2: Object of the Game

the object of the game is to put the ball through the hoop,to play this game u must be ably to drop in on a skate board pump on a half pipe (push your legs so you can continue the motion of going back and fourth on a the half pipe) have some sort of stick handling skill with a lacrosse stick and indian rubber ball (ex cats cradle )and good aim .
RULZ:1) your half pipe must be atleast 6 feet from your half pipe
2) the ball must be moving at all times once u reach the middle of the half pipe on your first drop in
3) the ball has to go through the hoop for it to be a goal
4)you r aloud to stall on the tops of each side to take a shot .

Step 3: Now U Know ............

k thats basically how you play the game i will updaate this instructable when my budddy shows up next week and i will make a video of the game in action but now i willl give some helpfull tips on stick handling and shooting

iam right handed so i hold my hand hand above the left hand the left hand is one the base and the right hand is used for the force behind the shot note the high your hand the more controll yet if u put your hand just right its a great amount of fource find an even ballance and its an easy shot.

a word on handling the ball in the video i have i acedentall drop the ball for three reasons one my net was not big enough i show u wht strings to play with to change your nets size i also show the basic movments of stickhandling for the cats cradle so go ahead and watch and for this you don't have to go really fast to keep the ball in the net just keep a momentum

Step 4: Well Thats How You Play the Sport

thats basically everything you need to know how to play be honestly feel free to add your own touch and make your own teams :D



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    *Aim for the hole* THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!

    not bad I suppose, but when I heard Extreme, I expected lasers... or is that Xtreme?

    1 reply

    hhmmm lasers, I like...but how can we incorporate lasers... lasers are fun

    Wow you really need a new skateboard or at least some new hardware.

    1 reply

    is that all u honestly have to say ...lol plz only judge the idea not wht i use plz ;p

    lol kk

    You spelled lacrosse wrong. Or should it be spelled that way?

    7 replies

    I admitt it was a spelling error but i fixed it and wht does it matter its corrected now and besides its my new game i can spell it how ever i want

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster shall smite you down with his noodly appendage!

    Wait, how did he spell it?

    for the record i changed it

    Why'd you change it, I thought it was your way of spelling it. Isn't it spelled incorrectly now? Stay extreme, don't do your homework, vocab's for nerds! Hahah and pretty cool idea I guess, although most things are exciting for a while when trying to do them on a mini-ramp. Even eating breakfast while skating a ramp would probably be fun. Until you try to sip your coffee while nose-grinding the lip.

    omfg who cares about the spelling iam so doing this rigth now :O


    wow this is reall good awsome :3 ;D