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Introduction: Extreme Recycling: Mailbox

The perfect way to recycle your old microwave. This is perfect for big packages, it is weather proof, and easy for the mailman (and it's really easy for people to find our house). And where we live we have problems with the wind always pulling open the door of our mailbox, but this one stays closed.  

Step 1. Find old microwave
Step 2. Put numbers on it. (you can either paint them on or use the sticker letters)
Step 3. Attach the red flag on the side
Step 4. Secure microwave to the pole
Step 5. Enjoy your mailbox! :)



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    LMAO i have the same Microwave... mine still works, but when it doesnt, thanks for the idea...

    I wish I didn't live in the city so I could do this.

    Very nice! My mom has worked for the postal service now for over 20 years. the only other box/boxes i have seen craftier than this would be the 7 boxes mounted around a vertically spinning wagon wheel.

    Thats a good idea but doesnt mail boxes need that UPS logo on them to be official?

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    As long as the box has a working red flag, our house number, and is regulation height, It is fine. Our mail man loves it.