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now you will need to put it in the other speakers. this is a long and boring proccess. for each one you will need to cut a "+" figure, insert the speaker, cut access material off, and sew the material onto the fenceing of the speaker. when you do this make sure to star with the speakers farthes away from the hole made by the connecting wire for the connecting wires need to connect with each speaker. (ps DONT SOW ON THE LAST SPEAKER BEFORE YOU CONNECT THE CONNECTING WIRES!!)
On-the-go theme music has been a dream of mine for some time. This project looks like an easy way to add the drama and gravitas and occasional rimshots that my commute to and from work requires.
oh this is a great way to have on the go music. i take it with me everywhere and everyone loves it. its a great thing to have.
Where did u buy the batterys from? <br>
i got them from old r/c cars. back in the day when they were really popular i had a whole bunch so i used them for the backpack
Nice Build!

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