Step 7: The wrap up

Picture of The wrap up
While bat rays are the target species, they are not the only things to be had. Five foot leopard sharks are common and striped bass up to 30 inches have been caught. While these can be muscled in on 30lb test, they present a great challenge on 6 pound test and are another type of extreme surf fishing that can be done by rigging the same way on a lighter line setup. Landing a shark can be done with a tail grab and a striped bass can slide in with a wave and a carefully placed thumb grab in its mouth will secure it. Alternatively THE gaff can be used.

Care should always be taken when dealing with these situations. Under ideal conditions handling bat rays and sharks can be very dangerous. A rogue wave while landing a fish can drop you and put you next to the wrong end of the animal. A full-sized, mature leopard shark will (considering its situation) attempt to bite whatever is preventing it from being free. Doing all of this in miserable weather conditions increases the danger exponentially and care should be taken. Inform someone where you will be fishing and give them a time to expect you.