Extreme Bead Starbrust


Introduction: Extreme Bead Starbrust

About: Just a girl,named jalynn, that loves gymnastics, dance, photography, crocheting,and minecraft

Step 1: What You Will Need:-)

You will need a rainbow loom (or whichever loom you have :-) ) , your hook, rubber bands, and pony beads

Step 2: Base,Boarder

Make sure the arrow is pointing AWAY from you!

Step 3: Base,Boarder

add bands up the left side

Step 4: Base,Boarder

Then right

Step 5: Bead Time

Take the band and bead and put the band through the bead

Step 6: Stars

Then add stars

Step 7:

Keep goin

Step 8: Cap Bands

add cap bands by doupleing bands

Step 9:

Step 10: Loop

loop sides

Step 11: Extending

extend it

Step 12: DONE



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