Picture of Extremely Annoying Rotten Egg Prank
This is my first instructable, and my entry into the Project: Prank contest. This is a prank I made up and is very, very, very annoying but also extremely funny. Well without anymore stupid blurbs . on to the instructable :}  

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this Instructable you will nedd to acquire 2 things:

1. An egg
2. Any small, sharp object, I used a corn cob skewer
Now you need to start this project a couple weeks before you are going to do it, if you don't, you won't have the time to complete it and your evil plot will be foiled;}
bwells23 years ago
Rotten egs have bacteria that could make people sick
SirStokes4 years ago
I put them outside to collect those wonderful outdoor bacteria that thrive on dead animals. and ants.
Screamo4 years ago
LAME, i'll try it tommorow
jpoopdog5 years ago
i know a way to defitely improve this prank , which i will tell in my own rotton egg instructable, but first, does the egg smell leak from the egg with that hole in th shell? or does the hole get sealed by dry egg whites?, i dont wana do this indoors and end up with rotten egg smell in my room. now, the way to improve this prank is with a bti of chemistry as you know the source of the smell is hydrogen sulfide, a dense smelly but heavy gas ammonium sulfide is a similar gas but has no odor properties what so ever but it does distribute it self in the air faster than hydrogen sulfide as its lighter than air. basicaly it rises up then truns to hydrogen sulfide after a reaction with the moisture in the air then sinks down and you smell it then it sinks down like all h2s does and gets destroyed by the sun. to do this inject the rotten egg with ammonia water concenstrated a bit, soap doesnt matter in this but you will need to boil it down a bit , about from 1l to 750ml or that ratio. then the amonia will reat with the h2s making ammonium sulfide which will distribute itself far better than the hydrogen sulfide will. by the way , ammonium sulfide is the one and only ingredient in stink vials or liquid stink bombs.
Slaytanic35 (author)  jpoopdog5 years ago
I lost you at hydrogen sulfide, but it still sounds like it would improve it greatly. Thanks for the suggestion!
let me make it simple .hydrogen sulfide smells like rotton egg, but doesnt move very fast in the air because it is heavier then air, ammonium sulfide is hydrogen sulfide with nitrogen in it, making it float around go all over the place realy fast. sunlight comes from the sun, it causes the nitrogen to come out of the ammonium sulfide , making it smelly old hydrogen sulfide , but instead of sitting on the ground like clear fog, its now all over the place and can be smelt from everywere , even in some cases all the ammonium sulfide evapourates and the smell goes everywhere exept hwere the stinkbomb exploded. ammonia water changes the hydrogen sulfide in the rotton egg into ammonium which will smell worse than the egg already does
Slaytanic35 (author)  jpoopdog5 years ago
Ahh... now get it!, never would've thought of that!
and i realy did mean it when i said you sometimes cant smell it from its point of irigin, i have personal expirience from when i set a glass vial of the stuff off in a persons bag, the bag didnt smell, just the whole gym during assembly, it depends on tempurature , wind movement and so on, if its realy hot but ot humid, it wont smell straight away, but if its cold and humid, like an air conditioned room in the tropics, e.g northern autralia, california or aisa, then it will smell striahgt away. i should point out though that if you directly make hydrogen sulfide, not ammonium, it will take 10 times more to start smelling it, so you may be inhaling damaging amouts of the gas. this is because the ammonium sulfide thins out in air , and doesnt collet in one area. never make the stuff with any more than a tablespoon, (of hydrogen sulfide solution), of it as the end result to let off, as it can couse slight nausia, which may lead people to think it was a chemical attack on the area. just use it sensibly
better to stuff it in someone's school locker amongst their PE clothes. once they take the PE clothes out, nasty surprise falls on the floor... :)
Zerker5 years ago
This is so cruel prank.
Its good for your enemies and rivals :P