Introduction: Extremely Cheap Dice Tower

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Lets get started

Step 1: Gathering Materials

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All you will need is

Scotch tape

packing tape

cardboard (could be a left over box from anything)

and a cutting tool

Step 2: Cutting Cardboard

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you will need to cut four pieces of cardboard.

around 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide

Step 3: Cutting Door

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you are going to want to take 1 cardboard piece and cut a door in it.

Than cut the bottom right corner out as scene in the picture above

Step 4: Tapeing the Cardboard

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you are going to want to tape each cardboard the the next.

Tape the top, middle, and bottom

P.S ignore the square next to the bottom piece that comes in later

Step 5: Than Cut Out the Bottom and Top

Picture of Than Cut Out the Bottom and Top

i just eye bald the size, but you want to cut bigger than the top is so you have room to trim off.

you are going to cut out a cardboard roof and floor (bottom and top)

ONLY put in the BOTTOM piece not top yet.

Step 6: Tapeing Sides Up to the Bottom

Picture of Tapeing Sides Up to the Bottom

Here you want to tape the sides up to the bottom of your dice tower.

P.S Ignore the door for now

Step 7: Putting in the Ramps

Picture of Putting in the Ramps

First cut out a piece of cardboard around 4/5ths the size of your dice tower (does not have to be exact).

Do that again

Than tape them in to stick. but be sure to leave space for your dice to roll through.

And leave space at the bottom right corner as shown in the pictures

Than cut out another piece of card board for the finishing ramp.

The ramp should go right to the edge of your tower as shown in picture four. (the ramp is what looks like a white strip at the bottom right corner.

after the ramp is place in higher at the back than the front you can move onto the next step.

Step 8: Tapeing the Roof and Door

Picture of Tapeing the Roof and Door

than you will tape the roof and door

Tape the roof before door.

Step 9: And There You Have It Your Working Dice Tower

Picture of And There You Have It Your Working Dice Tower



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