Extremely Dangerous Hot Dog Cooker


Introduction: Extremely Dangerous Hot Dog Cooker

Please be advised, building this could cost you your life.


Although this will cook a hot dog to completion, I would strongly suggest if you are in that much of a hurry make a sandwich or use the microwave.

That being said...


Step 1: What You Will Need

1. A soldering iron. I used a 25 watt iron. It heats up quick and cools down just as fast and only costs about $10

2. Solder

3. Two (2) 10 penny nails.

4. 3' of lamp cord

5. A lamp plug. A self effecting plug works well and does not require any additional user input

6. Hot Dog rolls - they do not have to come from Market Basket. Stop and Shop brand works just as well

7. Hot Dogs. I like Ball Park Franks. "They Plump When You Cook 'em"

That's all you need to start enjoying a delicious electric hot dog.

Before you continue. Please be advised, this project comes with an ELECTROCUTION HAZARD

Step 2: With a Kitchen Knife Cut 1/2" of Insulation Off of the Lamp Cord

You can use your teeth to strip this size wire. I would suggest however you grab a kitchen knife and strip a solid 1/2" of insulation from the cable.

!!! WARNING !!!

Please take care when using a knife.

Good practice would also suggest you twist the exposed conductor in a clock wise motion.

Step 3: Tin the Exposed Wire

When finished soldering this is what it should look like.

Step 4: Tin the Underside of the Head of the Nail

Next solder a small drop of solder to the underside of the nail head as shown

Step 5: Solder the Lamp Cord to the Nails

Twist the exposed wire around the recently soldered nail as depicted in the picture. Standard practice suggests twisting in a clock wide motion.

Step 6: Connect the Lamp Cord to the Lamp Cord Plug

Follow the manufacturers instructions for connecting the lamp plug to the lamp cord.

Step 7: Finished Product. Not Without Risk! !!! WARNING !!!

This is what it should look like after the lamp plug and the nails have been connected to the lamp cord

!!! WARNING !!!

Before continuing consider what you have just created.

You now have two metal nails connected to a lamp cord that can be plugged in to an electrical outlet.


Step 8: Insert the Nails Into Each Side of the Hot Dog

!!! WARNING !!!

This is where we have to take a moment to consider where we are. If you have considered the fact that you now have two metal nails soldered to a lamp cord on one end and a plug on the other that can be plugged into an electrical outlet, and you have considered the fact that when you plug this device in you will have two exposed conductors capable of electrocuting you, after you have considered the fact that this has the potential to kill you, then you are ready to proceed.

!!! WARNING !!!

Before you plug this device in push the nails into each side of the hot dog and place the hot dog in the bun.

Step 9: With Hot Dog in the Bun Plug in the Lamp Cord

!!! WARNING !!!


With the hot dog secure in the bun and the two nails pushed into the hot dog, plug in the lamp cord

Step 10: Add Your Favorite Condiment and Enjoy!

!!! WARNING !!!

!!! WARNING !!!

!!! WARNING !!!

BEFORE touching the nails unplug the lamp cord from the wall.

If you have survived this far you deserve a well cooked hot dog.

This device will cook a hot dog to completion in about 20 seconds

Add your favorite condiment and enjoy a delicious "Ball Park Frank with the added knowledge that you survived to eat again.



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    20 Discussions

    I recall something like this from an old TV show (possibly only a pilot) where a detective had a similar set up hanging off his desk lamp. It used forks instead of nails and he had a switch on it. He put the hot dog on the forks, let it heat up then took it off using the bun. This was probably 20 odd years ago but the scene stuck with me.

    2 replies

    In the earlier episodes of CSI Grissom did it as an experiment, and he mentioned that is how he cooked hot dogs in college.
    YOU can buy them on eBay but there is a device called a HotDogger that sold millions and used this very same principal, it had prongs you set your hot dog on and you can cook I believe 6 at a time then you either closed the clamshell lid or pushed in a drawer(there were two designs), and they would fully heated the same amount of time of a microwave without the drying out or rubberizing of it. Plus you get a bit of the char flavor which I liked about them.


    Nick Nolte in Beverly Hills cop perhaps? Would have added to his roughness if he had it connected to the cigarette lighter of his old convertable

    I think so. Its the salt content in the dog that makes it cook so quickly, I seem to remember hearing was the cause.

    Also you could get sick of you use galvanized nails

    1 reply

    Have you tried hooking it up to a pickle? If I remember chemistry.... They glowed!

    I did not have any problem with this post . . . until you put ketchup on the dog. Blasphemy! :)

    The abundant and profuse warnings are appreciated.

    Very dangerous, but effective! I use this setup in science class, but it can also be done at home if you know what you are doing. And it is more fun than using the micro ;-)

    1 reply

    Debosco613, what is a troll post? Interesting phrase. Is it a common phrase on this sight? I actually kind of like being called a troll. Reminds me of Billy Goats Gruff... "Who dares pass my bridge?"

    Thanks for the comments, good or bad I am glad you found my project worthy of your time

    This is the single most dangerous and terrible instructable I've ever seen.

    1 reply

    I don't know RecievingWelfare. If this is the most terrible you have seen, I would suggest you look around in the quilting section... Now there you can find some absolutely horrifying projects.

    ...knit one, pearl two...


    3 years ago

    Can I cook American Style hotdogs on the U.K.'s 240V system or do they require 110V? Seriously though, would double the voltage make them cook too fast. or explode? Would strongly recommend being on an RCD/GFCI circuit before attempting this.

    1 reply

    I never did try to increase the voltage, but am sure it would not explode. If you do try it I am curious to know if it would cook twice as fast. Let me know...

    I nominate you for a Darwin award