This is a homemade fuse that is very durable and won't break if you flex it or try to tear it apart.


1) Cement for plastic models. I used Testors

2) thin cotton string (use your judgment and don't make buy string too thin)

3) something big and smooth that you don't mind getting dirty like a latex glove or piece of paper

Step 1: Making It

1) Take the string and put a line of glue down the length of it. Wait a few seconds until it turns kind of pasty and add another line of glue down it.

2) Once you have a substantial bit of glue down it, take the paper or glove and rub the string smooth. Once the fibers are saturated and smoothed, your fuse is done

Step 2: Finishing

Let the string dry. When it is done, it should be smooth yet hard and should be able to stick out straight like the picture. Wait about half an hour before you use it just to make sure its dry.

Note: DO NOT mix match and cap gun powder together with plastic glue. A few days before I made this instructable I cut this mixture with scissors when it was dry and the explosion hurt my fingers so badly they hardly move even after three days. Also the doctor said my hearing was damaged for life.

I couldn't light the fuse 'cause my parents banned me from fire

Banned from fire, LOL.
<p>masking tape, crushed up sparkler dust . easy ,cut to length -tap dust onto sticky side rool it ,LIGHTER up. </p><p>pyros inc.</p>
<p>nice work now try this..</p>
<p>comments work</p>
<p>masking tape and crushed up sparkler powder .cut to length ,tap powder onto sticky side. roll up long way ,but make sure some combustion space is maintained. LIGHT UP.... that's how old school pyros getter done son </p>
how did u get the cap gun powder out
Be careful with that stuff it's not gunpowder. Most caps use a small amount of one explosive compound or another that is extremely shock sensitive.
man i agree with you that stuff is really sensitive. My brother was getting the powder out of the caps and he put some friction on it and it just lit up in the tub and we lost quite a bit of powder :(
its easy realy take a pen knife and push gently on the back of the caps and the paper disc and the gun powder falls out :) or insted you can get a plastic bag and get some caps, bend the caps around and then put a rock in and keep dropping it and the powder just drops out :) i prefer the pusing method although they can detonate so keep the powder you get out away from where you are pushing it. also i recomend putting several sheets of tin foil underneath it as it can damage desks as it did mine when it went off :( and also dont press on the centre of the cap as it will always detonate :)
Nice Instructable. The way to make it wind-proof is to get an altiods case, and a couple of candles you can light(unless your "BANNED" from fire lol. jk tho.). Light the candle(s) and let them burn for 2-3 min. After that,blow them out. Carefully pour the wax into the altoids case. Wait about 45 secs before you dip your fuse in VERY carefully. Let the wax dry, and it will burn just like a professional fuse.
or u could just take the wik from a birth day candle<br />
used this for my smoke bomb instructable coming soon.
lol... banned from fire... hearing loss... burns... this instructables has every thing.
Ah that really brings back memories. Hearing loss is how you know your doing it right.
any other glue that works?
haha "banned from fire" i have alway been banned from that! my parents dont trust me at all!
add some black powder with the glue then coat! thats the best.
Is this "Model Cement" just super glue?
No.Super glue is not flammable.
Yes it is
The super glue I am thinking of must not be the same kind as you are thinking of.The kind I know of is 30 second drying time and is not flammable.
Locktite super-glue (the leading brand) is flammable before it sets, you can ignite it and observe a blue flame. What brand are you refering to?
I don't know what brand,maybe the US super glue does not contain flammable materials?
Proper superglue is made of ethyl cyanoacrylate some cheaper versions have less than 10% poly methacryolate and some realy cheap ones contain traces of hydroquinone and sulfuric acid. Ethyl cyanocrylate has a flash point of 80C and is flammable It cannot be superglue if it is not flammable
Oh,I did not know that.
Model Cement
awesome fuse man kinda slow and gives off some bad fumes though other than that good fuse
its not too flexible
i tried to make a fuse last night i used neasporin and deoderant-just to try it-doesn't work
hey this is just wat i've been looking for thanks
does pvc cement work?
hey i wanna know how much cap gun powder you used and what kinda glue i wanna try that out ill just were gloves and earmuffs lol
so with the cap gun powder/match heads/ rubber cement you made impact explosive? i am also banned from fire, sharp objects ect. you just gotta be real covert-like.
Is this fuse flexible when dry?
does normal like super glue work? locktite super glue
Not unless its flammable.
can't remember where I heard this but that stuff from cap guns is a thing called Armstrong's mix, you don't want to mess with that stuff in any large amount, it's extremely unstable, (hence why it went boom when you tried to cut it.)
That is right.Look up Armstrong's mixture on Wikipedia.
what do you mean your hearing was damaged for life? are you totally deaf now? sorry to hear that man. be careful next time. so i guess those materials just require friction to activate. what kinda matches did you use? are they the ones that dont need a special striking surface?
was the explosion really that loud that it damaged your ears for life because i've shot a rifle before without ear protection and i dont even think i damage my ears for life and it was the loudest thing i ever heard.
I think firecrackers and such are louder than gunshots, because a gunshot is directed away from you, but firecrackers aren't.
have you ever fired a rifle its a hell of alot louder than a firecracker even when pointed away from you an m-80 isn't even as loud as a 12gauge yet alone a 300 winchester magnum
Yes, I have fired a few rifles, but with ear protection (boyscouts). Might it have been that he had it very close to his ear? Or maybe because it was like a plastic explosive when it was mixed with the glue. I don't really know though, I am just making speculation.
dude are you talking about high powered rifles or 22 calibers whatever everything nowadays is bad for you hearing
.22 + 12 gauge
yeah a high powered alot louder
i hunt alot. i dont wear ear protection or eye protection. It wont kill you and i do think firecrackers are louder than gunshots in some instances.
i guess it depends how stronge of the explosives and how close you are to the firecracker but still i find gunshots louder

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