Picture of Extremely Easy Pattern Welded Blade
Have you cried blood when attempting your first pattern welded blade?

Here is something easy that will get you started and boost your confidence..

This instructible assumes a working knowledge of pattern welding.

This is a recyclable instructible as well as a knife making tutorial.
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Step 1:

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Materials list.

4 x Black square section spring washers
2 x Large uncoated brite steel nails
Ferric chloride (or the acid you normally use)
Bicarb soda
Black tie wire (stainless wire will work too, but costs more).

Step 2:

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Heat up all the spring steel washers in the forge, and straighten them.

You will also need to clean the washers to remove the fire scale.

Bind with the tie wire in alternate layers the two brite steel nails, and three black washers.

Keep one washer in reserve, this will be the cutting edge.

The nails are naturally scarfed.

Step 3:

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Forge weld the stack, fold as many times as you like, these materials forge weld easily.

Amalgamate into a single billet.

Heat and twist the billet.

As there is not much material you need to slightly flatten the spirals, and then grind until flat.

Step 4:

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Take the reserve washer, the welded billet, bind and forge weld.

Step 5:

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Forge the the billet into a rough blade.

Grind the knife into the desired shape.

Sand and polish the blade.

Heat treat, then sand and polish again.

Step 6:

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After acid etching you get this.

There's not that much to write, it's a very easy project.
charlesian2000 (author)  DeusXMachina1 year ago
Thank you :-)