This is a very simple version of the Eggcellent Night Light!. If you haven't seen this instructable, I'd suggest that you take a look at it. I actually wanted to make it, but didn't have the patience. So I found an easier way to make one. Check this out!

Parts needed on the first step

Step 1: Parts needed


(1) Egg
(1) Roll of electrical tape
(1) LED, I used a 3.5V - 4V one
(1) 3V watch battery, I used Energizer 2032
(1) Film cannister
(1) Magnet


Scissors or knife to cut tape because the stuff wont rip...
Wall Tack
skewer or chop stick

Note: Make sure your LED is diffused, otherwise your night light will have a brighter top than base. You can buy them diffused already, but if it isn't already, just use some of that frost that comes in a can. If you use frost, be sure not to spray it on the (+) or (-) ends of the LED.
I can't believe how extremely simple this is. O_O<br /> <br /> NOW.... To just get un-lazy....<br />
I love this. My son has always been fascinated by lights and since his birthday is coming up, I thought that I would get him a whole bunch of led lights and things that are needed. BIG question is, where do I purchase the supplies?
get the parts here really cheap don't go to radio shack they over price there stuff, p.s. this site is really reliable. www.goldmine-elec.com
Hey! Someone likes it! I got all my supplies at radioshack. I bought the LED for like $2.50, the battery for like $3, and the tape for just a few bucks. Well, to be honest, I bought my batteries and tape at walmart, but its all at radioshack.
Great job. I really love eggs. I can't believe I've never thought of this, so simple, and amazing result. Great job, I really want to try this out for fun. It looks really cool to do. +5/5 stars.
Haha, thanks. I'm really happy with it. And that battery lasts a very long time. I still have the original in my egg and I use it every night. I'm currently working on making one that turns on and off from the light. Like when its dark, its on; when it's light, it turns off to make it a lot easier and conserve power. If thats a success, I'll make another instructable. I'm also going to try one that plugs into the wall. But I don't know if I'll use an egg. You'll have to wait for an instructable on those ones. ;)

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