Picture of Extremely easy bb gun
This is the easiest BB gun in the world. I is not all that strong but it is good. Very very annoying.

Step 1: Materials and assembly

Picture of Materials and assembly
All you need is a mauly or whatever you call them and a bb and a pen.
Take a BB and place it in the "jaws" of the mauly. Then try to keep the BB held in the jaws without flying out (this does take some practice and some luck). Use the tip of the pen to force the BB far enough forward to be pushed out of the mauly.
It is not my fault if one of these things shoots you in the eye. Use at your own risk just like everything else on this site.
pyroman4566 years ago
with a low powered gun how do you lose an eye! i got shot by an airsoft in the eye and didn't lose my eye
sharlston6 years ago
any more ideas please email them to mattyts@live.co.uk this is so cool
I Love Guns6 years ago
whoa-it actually works ok
ghost14286 years ago
not a good gun,not to b mean but get a pen ,tape and some bbs. 1 pipe is ur barrel then take the band cut it so its one long rubber band tape it to outer part of pen. then take the inner part of a pen to shoot the bb not strong but its fun. then ur done. have fun my peeps lol.
freerunnin17 years ago
its not a gun reli but its got a good desguise for in class :p
codongolev7 years ago
well,at least I've never thought of it.
weasel !7 years ago
well nice try dude well done for having a try =]
AirsoftMan7 years ago
IM confused
willstab7 years ago
hey u got this idea from officeguns.com its a pretty nice idea but its inacurate and unreliable
wipe666out7 years ago
a strange bb gun indeed¿
spartin7 years ago
i don't understand how u shoot the damn thing
Mattrox7 years ago
I think you need to explain your intructables a bit better
Mattrox Mattrox7 years ago
I mean instructable
Imabitcrazy8 years ago
owned lol lol sozz but is funny and now you see wait now u know y instructables say not liable
mrdude8 years ago
dude my mate fuken lost an eye no shit
thingygoboom (author)  mrdude8 years ago
really... wow just straight out wow im really really really sorry about that but he should have been more careful
Lol "DISCLAIMER: It is not my fault if one of these things shoots you in the eye. Use at your own risk just like everything else on this site." Now do you think if you had not have put that, he wouldn't have gotten shot in the eye...
Karim8 years ago
can you use some better instruction?