This is a great introdution to papercutting because it's an easy and simple design, and using the 2 contrasting colours of paper creates an effective and eye-catching piece of art.

I made my paper cut strawberry into a greetings card topper, but you could use it for gift tags or enlarge it to make some DIY wall art.

You will need:

- A piece of white paper; for the template.

- Black and red paper. You can use different colours if you prefer. Thick paper is best.

- Piece of card or a photo frame (optional); If you want to make art, you'll want a photo frame to display your design. If you want to make a greetings card, you'll need a piece of card.

- Craft knife and either a cutting mat or a scrap piece of thick cardboard to protect your work surface.

- Pencil/pen

- Foam tape; You can instead layer the papers directly on top of each other with double-sided tape, but foam tape gives a great 'depth' to your project.

- Scissors

* You're using a knife to cut, so pease be careful! Make sure you drag the craft knife along the paper towards you and not at an awkward angle.

Step 1: Draw Your Design

This strawberry design I just did freehand because it's such a simple shape. If you want to do a different shape to a strawberry, search for what you want to draw in Google Images for inspiration. Leaves and fruits are good choices.

You don't want to have a complete outline of the shape, because this will separate the strawberry from the rest of the paper.

Instead, split the outline up into different sections to give the suggestion of the shape without having a full outline. The main outline of the strawberry is split into two short lines.

The little leaves will be cut along one side of the oval shape only (and then later folded upwards), so you only need to draw half an oval for these.

Small dots on the surface of the strawberry will be cut out completely.

<p>used for decor in my room</p>

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