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Introduction: Eye Makeup

Next, apply the right eyeliner color for your shade of eyes.
Draw a line on the upper lid of the lash line from the corner of the eye out.
To make the line have a  smokey effect or not as harsh, smudge it using a q-tip.
Do the same process on the bottom lid.

First, highlight the inner corners of your eye and on the brow bone with a beige color.
Chose an eyeshadow matching the color of your eye to make your eye pop. (or not)
Use a applicator brush (thin or thick) to apply the eyeshadow. 
Start from the corner and brush out.

Finally curl your lashes at the root, but make sure to be carful and not break the lash.
Then use a mascara that suits you, (brown, black, clear)
Make sure when you take the brush out of the mascara, to get rid of any clumps.
Place the brush at the base of your lashes. Using a back and forth motion, apply the mascara on all your lashes.
Do the same procedure for the bottom lashes.



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