https://www.wholesale-direct-first-aid.com/ProdImages/M-707.gif for 3rd eye drop pic

Rubiks cube is mine, but erno rubik created it!

A7X deathbat is a7x's

Courage the cowardly dog belongs to cartoon network

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/11/Glass-of-water.jpg for the glass of aqua

and for the first eye drops pic, http://www.galpharm.co.uk/picstore/products/twinpackeyes.jpg

Thanks for reading my creditos!
avenged sevenfold ........good band
how strange is that! i'm just listening to Blinded in chains!!
If I read this correctly, you think it is funny to cause pain and embarrassment to other people with pranks that induce vomiting and diarrhea. That is not a healthy mental adjustment to aid your success later in life. People who want to hurt other people in the name of fun are carrying a lot of anger about something. You really need to get a good understanding of why you are so angry (even if you deny that you are) and learn some ways to overcome it.
Im going to delete this instructable..
I think you have done a good thing and are to be commended. You have shown a lot of wisdom. I am confident you will do some fine, fine Instructables in the future.
In the <em>far</em> future.<br/>
wow, that's deep. but you really have a point.
Bulocks! This is a great prank, these old farts just want a world without any danger, the chances this causes a car accident are the same as an old person getting a hart attack from a "normal and innocent" joke. Stop whining, and just don't pull the prank. And if you have an enemy this is a great joke to play on them!
This is mean. Someone could really get hurt. You don't know under what circumstances the "victim" might start vomiting etc. What if he/she gets in a car and drives off, starts getting sick and causes a wreck? April Fools Day is about jokes. This isn't a joke.

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