Picture of Eye mask + pattern
This instructable will teach you how to sew your own eye mask. It's a little oversized and has excellent light defeating properties. :D You can fill it with anything you like - my personal favorites are jasmine rice and dried lavender, but this time I am choosing to just line it with felt.

I've included a basic eye mask pattern which you can alter as needed. This eye mask uses very little fabric and just a tiny bit of elastic and is very easy to sew. It's such a small project you can even sew it by hand! It's also a good candidate for adding some embroidery or razzle dazzle. Whatever you want!
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Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of What you'll need:
  • eye mask pattern (included on this step)
  • scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine or thread + needle
  • 1/4 inch or wider elastic
  • fabric of choice (something medium or heavy is best - upholstery fabric is great here!)
  • felt for lining and/or something to fill the mask
Normally I like to do unlined masks and fill them with jasmine rice and a bit of dried lavender, but I decided to go back to basics this time and only used felt to line the mask.

Step 2: Print the pattern and cut out pieces!

Picture of Print the pattern and cut out pieces!
Cut out the mask and pin liberally to your fabric, then cut it out.

If you want a felt lining, do the same with the felt.
kellybaez made it!1 month ago
We are in summer where I live. Sun rises at 6am and sets at 9pm, I did one for my husband (by hand) and in no time I had requests from friends and family. Loved it! Thanks a lot.
kellybaez1 month ago
My first craft . Sewed by hand.
shaman51882 months ago
I made one from felt and put some polyester stuffing in for night time. My wife loves it!
sheila.kow1 made it!2 months ago

Did 2 elastics version to ease off pressure around the face/ear area , think this should work too. Thanks Jessy for the brilliant tutorial.

milegrin2 months ago


I have a mask almost identical to your design that I bought at a fair with a small modification in that it has a triangular piece of soft non-translucent material that you can either pull over the tip of your nose (not comfortable) or fold inwards that blocks out the light filtering in past the nostrils.

metqa2 months ago

If you stuffed this with uncooked rice , it could be a heat / cold pack as well. My Friends mom uses her mini rice pack to alleviate her itchy eyes from Spring allergies by putting it in the freezer and putting it over her eyes. Making one shaped like this would make it easier for it to stay on her face. I think I have a new gift idea, thanks to you!

rainbowdotcom made it!7 months ago

Loved this tutorial- really simple and quick to make :)

HollyMann1 year ago
I need to make a manly one of these for my son - he seems to need one in order to sleep and my headbands aren't cutting it! Thanks Jessy - I love it!
anamika_c1 year ago
thanks for giving such clear cut instructions..... i suffer from severe migraines and at such times i want to shut out all light but it wasn't possible as it would disturb others in the family... now i can just rest when i need it! this was so easy to follow...don't know sewing so was apprehensive at first when all of it looked so tough , but after starting out tentatively i finished it within half an hour (might be long time for sewists but for me it felt like an achievement). after that i made a few more and gave to family and some friends too... they were surprised that I actually made it but later they told me that they are happy that can rest at their convenience now! thanks a ton! all coz of your simplified tute! really thankful dear!
Miss Misery2 years ago
Thanks! I've always wanted to make one!
My father needed a mask. I used your instructable. The mask turned out great, and my father loved it. Thank you soo much for your instructable.
ezi4her2 years ago
Yes I started to make one in a sewing group, but this is far easier, thanks for the step by step tutorial.
A cute eye mask! I love it. I need to make one for myself. I have an apartment facing the street and too much light gets in.
HollyMann2 years ago
Very cute Jessy!
billbillt2 years ago
This one is good...Like the old days when you made everything with your bare hands and your mind...A vote from me...
noahms4562 years ago
I tried an alpha version of this a few weeks back, for my wife. Used 1/2 thick foam for the guts, between two layers. Surprisingly noise- and light-proof if you stretch the ear pieces out (think long skinny triangle in the pattern where the rounded edges of the mask are). Awesome tutorial, keep up the good work!
kenbob2 years ago
add a layer of aluminum foil inside and no light will make it through:)
SOOOO need to make one, my wife likes to sleep with a light on, me not so much
zurichko2 years ago
I need to make one! The sun comes up at 5:15am! I could buy black out curtains but this looks cuter and cheaper.
Haus Page2 years ago
Love this tutorial.
I need to make myself one of these! Mine is from an airline or something, very not cool. Yours is very pretty :)