Picture of EyeBall helmet
Okay, so this DIY is for a Giant EyeBall helmet. It's easy to do, and cool enough to scare some people for halloween.

The stuff your gonna need:

White copy paper
Flour(All purpose kind)
Balloon( get the lager than a 12 inch.... so a 17 of 25 inch will do)
a cloth (any color you want the pupil to be.. make sure its thin enough to see through)
hot glue gun
a clear-file folder (optional)
white spray paint( the glossy kind)
things to stuff under cardboard (old scarf, shirt, other cardboard)

Items that could be helpful:
trashbags (I'm very messy.. and paper mache can get everyone. that stuff is NOT easy to clean up.)
box cutter
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Step 1: Size up your balloon

You need to get your balloon and blow it up. The size needs to be larger than your head but not at the full capacity that the balloon can get. If the balloon is too large, it will most likely burst during the paper mache. (Since it is an eyeball, it needs to have a circular look, and a balloon at full capacity looks more like an oval.)

It may take a couple of balloons to get the right shape that you want, but above is a reference on what it should kind of look like.
This balloon was actually a tad to small, Long wise, so i blew up another one that was slightly larger.


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