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Introduction: EyeToy™ Led Mod

Switch out that annoying red led on our Ps2 EyeToy™, with a cool color of your choice, I used super-bright white for a darkness enhancing mode :D

Step 1: Open.. Her.. Up!

Awsome, it's suuuuper easy to take the bottom cover off this baby :] The top's a little ticky the first time though, u'll get it..

Step 2: The "Switheroo" :]

k, simple enough so far right?
This part's pretty easy with some sauttering experience :]
(btw make sure to test the positive and negatives of your Led before sauttering, reduces hassle later, trust me)

Step 3: "The Finisher" :]

tough part over,
and your just ready to close this baby up :]
Here we go...

Step 4: You're Good to Go!! :D

Now, just hook her up nd test it out..
veeeery sexy :D haha



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    this is a stupid question, i know..

    but what exactly is the eyetoy?
    i know its a camera addon for the ps2, but what does it do? is it the same kind of idea as the kinect, or what?
    (IE follow body movements)

    hey i like this buyt in the end why is it hooked up to a ps3

    1 reply

    it was the closest system i had hooked up to my tv that excepts EyeToy.. Ps2 is packed up.. nd it needs to be excepted, in use, by the system for the active light, used to be red, to come on.. :D

    i'm sorry but your pics = suck
    theres an instructable on macro photography
    its time to learn stuff

    1 reply

    srry i was using my phone, since it was a instructable about modding cameras, all of mine were kinda not in the condition for use..

    What you need to do is add IR LEDs so it doesn't hurt your eyes or anything, but still brightens the picture.

    2 replies

    Good Idea!
    I didn't think of that, cause i use it as a light to look for things under my bed also :]
    but i'm gonna hook up a IR diode from a CD burner :] lol
    no colameter lens = no laser burning of eye retinas :] but makes a greeeat camera light..
    ultimate night vision spy affect.

    You mean ir laser? if so, that can still hurt your eyes as much as a visible, and you may not even know it. just LEDs, to be safe.

    I'm thinking of hooking up IR diodes (unfocused/lense-less) through my room nd on my Ps3 Eye™.. then, letting my EyeCreate™ run all night, nd when im goneto use as a security cam :D anyone like the idea??

    what does spelling have to do with anything? just read the damn thing and ignor the spelling mistakes for christ sake, stop being such a nerdy arse. Yes mistakes can get annoying if thee to many but i mean why stop reading because of only a few. I hate it when people on forums and everywhere be an arse because you spelt something wrong or had bad grammar, its god damn faggoity

    1 reply

    thank u :D all though i enjoy the input.. misspelling words only shows we're human nd allows us to connect more :]

    A few things to remember: Take better photos, that way it is more clear what you are doing. Make sure all your spelling and punctuation is correct, such as soldering (not sauttering).

    You seriously need better images. Spell/ grammar check too.

    1 reply

    Just kidding about the grammar part. Really need better pictures and some spelling, but I like the idea, it's pretty cool!

    when i saw the spelling errors, i stopped reading...