My boyfriend is in Optometry school, so for their bake sale, I made these eyeball ice cream cone cupcakes! Super delicious!

Things you'll need:
- fresh cake batter
- ice cream cones (flat bottom)
- white frosting (I used store bought)
- red icing
- hard life savers
- mini chocolate chips
- small pipping or a ziplock bag & a toothpick (I used a ziplock bag)
- a toothpick

Step 1:

(After already whipping up your favorite cake mixture, I did yellow cake) Place ice cream cones [the kind with flat bottoms] in a cupcake pan. Fill each cone approximately 2/3s, bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
Kara you missed an opportunity in naming these! <br>&quot;Eye Scream Cone Cupcakes!&quot; <br>Great job! <br>Gary <br>
That was one of the running gags in the Xanth series of fantasy/humor novels by Piers Anthony some 30+ years ago.
Haha that's exactly what my mom called them! That would have been the proper name lol Thank you :)
our little girl was scared of &quot;the biiiig reeeeed eeeeeyyyyeeeee&quot; <br>we will definitely be making these for her Halloween class party!
Yay! Make sure to make/ find a holder for travel, as they like to fall down!
I only vote for people that deserve it and you definitely deserve it!
Thank you so much! :)
thanx for the idea ! i will do this for hallowhen
Awesome! Let me know how they turn out!
This is a great idea! I might try this sometime! Great work!
Thank you! :)

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