Picture of Eyeball! With Stem
Scare your friends with this gruesome DIY! : )

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
13, 7:00 PM.jpg
You'll need:
1. A fake eyeball
2. A cotton ball
3. Liquid school glue (you don't need much)
4. A toothpick
5. Red, blue, and brown paint
6. A paper cup


Nice use of cotton swabs!

Johnquill1 year ago
simordilap2 years ago
I wish the capillaries on the eyeball branched forward from the back toward the iris, not out from the center. But you bought it that way from China, right?
That is what PingPong balls are made for: CORRECT bloodshot eye drawing.. ha!
I think they're supposed to be bloodshot, rather than biologically accurate.

They're a useful resource for Hallowe'en, though.