Introduction: Eyebrow Tutorial

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Gather all your necessary tools to complete a successful eyebrow

Step 1: Stroke

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Take spoolie and stroke your eyebrow harshly

Step 2: Filling

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Take your Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil and fill in your eyebrow with light strokes avoid heavy drawing so that it won't look unnatural and black

Step 3: Outline

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With the same brow pencil outline the shape of your eyebrow

Step 4: Stroke

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Take your spoolie and stroke your brow harshly back and forth

Step 5: Concealer

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Take your concealer and your angle brush squeeze just a small amount on your angle brush

Step 6: Detailed Line

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Create a detailed line with your concealer at the bottom and top of your brow

Step 7: Flat Brush

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Take your flat brush and start at the bottom of your eyebrow and begin to blend remember blending is they to a natural brow

Step 8: Flat Brush

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take your same flat brush and blend the top of your brow as well

Step 9: Spoolie

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Grab spoolie again once everything is blended out

Step 10: Stroke

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Stroke your eyebrow back and forth lightly

Step 11: Fan Brush

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Take your fan brush and lightly graze it in your bronzer and stroke it at the ends of your brows to create a nice natural shimmer

Step 12: Complete

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You should have a created a clean cut natural brow


Swansong (author)2016-10-28

It looks good :)

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