Introduction: Eyebrow-raising Wild Cranberry Pie

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We have had an exceptional year for berries in the Yukon - so time to be a little extravagant with them!

This will wake up your taste buds - and impress the friends that invited you to a fall potluck dinner.

Step 1: Ingredients

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2 cups - Cranberries (wild ones, fresh if you're as lucky as I am this year) - probably frozen farmed ones would be awesome, too

1 portion - Frozen butter pastry dough, (i.e. one of the two rolls that come in a package)

(or a frozen pie shell - or home made pie shell, if you have more time and skill than me)

1 cup - White sugar

1 tbsp - Corn starch

1 tbsp - Flour

Optional: apple, sliced

"Optional": whipping cream (or ice cream)

Step 2: Prepare the Pie Shell

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Prepare according to manufacturer's directions.

I chose to use the butter pastry: thaw, roll out, place in (buttered) pie plate or baking dish.

Step 3: Prepare the Filling

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Mix the cranberries with the sugar & flour & cornstarch.

If you are intimidated by the prospect of the epic tartness in store for you, feel free to mix in the optional sliced apple (&/or saskatoons, (aka service berries) &/or moss (crow) berries) - this has the additional benefit of stretching your supply of hard-won wild cranberries.

Step 4: Bake and Serve

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Be patient - it will take about 45 minutes at 350 F.

When the crust is browned and the berries are bubbling thoroughly, remove the pie from the oven and cool it a bit (until you can't stand to wait any longer) and serve with a generous layer of whipping cream - you deserve it after crouching in the woods, picking those darn little things in the driving rain/snow until your fingers are too numb to open and close any more!


gpiwowar made it! (author)2015-09-01

Yes - I'm eating some right now, and it's so tart I had to put extra whipping cream on it just so my eye brows wouldn't rise right into my hair line! (or die trying...)

Noble_Knight (author)gpiwowar2015-09-03

cranberries are naturally tart... ocean spray doesn't want to admit how much added sugar they put in their cranberry juice

ashleyjlong (author)2015-09-01

This sounds really interesting! I love a good tart cranberry.

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