Eyeris is an electromechanically actuated model of a human iris with programmable sensitivity to stimuli like displacement from an object and ambient light.  It spawned from my findings one summer afternoon while digging through trash bags at a local lab cleanout.  I was lucky enough to find a high-quality iris aperture that needed a home.  After months of debate, I was determined to make some awesome goggles, and so I give you: Eyeris

Step 1: Materials

Some things you might need to make your own pair of bionic goggles are:

* 1Iris Aperture (1 9/16" OD, 1 1/8" aperture diameter)
* 1 brass gear with a diameter larger than your iris aperture's (2 1/16"
* 1 brass gear with a diameter smaller than your iris aperture (1" or smaller)
* 1 small stepper motor
* 1 ultrasonic rangefinder (I used an SRF04)
* 1 large photoresistor
* 1 ATmegaX8 family uC (48, 88, 168, or 328)
* 4 2n7000 or equivalent mosfets
* 1 LM7805
* 1 100K potentiometer (optional)
* Ribbon Cable
* Male and Female breakaway pin headers
* Pipe with the same OD as the aperture
* Black thread
* Elastic Band
* Perf Board
* 12V Battery or power source

* Bench Grinder
* Super Glue
* Needle - straight or curved work
* Soldering Iron

* You can totally do this with two iris apertures!  Adjust your materials appropriately
* The mosfets (2n7000) can be replaced by almost any other fet, or even BJTs.  If you're going to use BJTs, Don't forget to put 1K base resistors.
* The battery can be anywhere between 9 and 12 volts.  I used an 11.1V LiPo battery.
First thought when I saw these: HELLBOY 2!!! The undead ninja that winds himself up and turns to sand. I really want to make this now. That's awesome. Great job!
If I may, I am a fan of steampunk, and, even when not necesarily in steampunk character, per se, I usually wear a pie hat, (you know, popular in the1880's-1920's) and it has a lot of unused room at the front. Is there any particular reason you couldn't putthe controller chip in the hat?<br>
This is a great project, but with the lathe action in several places, probably beyond the scope of many of us. I, too, am eager to see the video!
I would also LOVE to see a Video of this in action...
Wow, I commend you on this awesome project. I'm wanting to start a similar external geared iris set of goggles. I'm actually considering a small 12v Servo from something like an RC plane with a simple switch. I would LOVE to have the photo sensor on it, but your level of knowledge in electronics is far beyond mind. My mind went blank and I started to drool as I was reading your programming of the step motor board. <br><br>Anyways, thanks a ton. This is a great project!
Awesome. Can't wait for the video. Thanks for sharing.
This guy looks like a Borg.
This is really great, can I make a suggestion? Why not use a pair of linear polarizing filters, where one is rotated against a fixed one? It'll be just as fast, but you won't have the field of view loss associated with closing an iris.
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Video? Where? I'd love to see this creation in action!
Superglue + cotton = fiyah! Never tried but looks cool on youtube. You'll take an eye out.<br><br>By the way, my bike was stolen after you guys showed up at the NYC Maker Faire. Silver colored Schwinn....wait...
This is very neat, you have my attention. I wish I could find some irises like the one you have there, I'll have to poke around the local camera shops a bit and hope I get lucky.
Outstanding.<br><br>Can't wait for the video - I hope you'll be in full steampunk'd grandeur ...

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