Halloween 2010 costume. Ezio from Assassins Creed with working hidden blades :)

As typical for my halloween adventures, I only capture pictures in the morning. By nighttime there is way to much fun (like jumping and popping balloons with your blades) to be concerned with taking enough pictures. sorry :(  I took a few random pictures and was able to collect several from pictures taken of me.

I made 3 working and wrist mounted hidden blades and chose the best 2 to actually use for halloween. the 'ible for making the blade part (not the mounting, sorry) can be found below:

Everything in this costume except pants and shoes was hand sewn by me. The hood was probably the hardest and worst part made. The cape and skirt-thingy were my favorite (I definitely plan to make Fridays as Cape Days!). Total expenses are estimated to be $70~$80 for the costume and $10 per blade. Also, some fun accessories were added such as 2 throwing knives and a powerful smoke bomb (used on public safety to avoid being chased, this worked to opposite effect).


Isn't Ezio supposed to show his hidden blade on one arm?
Thats Altïar, Ezio shows his on both arms
<p>You start with one blade, but then after a while you get the double blade.</p>
Thanks! Moka (my puppy) wasn't too happy with us for dressing her up :) But she outshined everyone else easily!
LOVE IT &lt;3
I'd like to see more intructions how it was made and less pictures, no offense intended
I would have liked to but it would be hard to provide the sewing patterns since I was constantly altering the shape of them. So my original drawings were nothing like what I ended up with, such that sharing them would only confuse anyone trying to remake the costume. I wish I had clearer instructions for this as well, since I found it difficult myself to come up with everything. If there is a piece in particular that you find yourself stuck on ever, ask for help, I will see what I can do.
the cape is on the left on the game and ezio has way more armour
is int the cape surpost to be on his left?
PLEASE post an instructable for this! This is simply amazing!
This is amazing please post instructable!!!
were you really chased by the authorities? was it for hidden blades?
Hey,the cape is on the left shoulder in Game
Ezio Auditore da Firenze... So far i have played only with Alta&iuml;r Ibn La'Ahad
Thats Pretty Cool Excpet he wears the cape on his left shoulder :D
i really like the &quot;skirt&quot; part, from what i can tell it's very well done<br>
Very cooL! I Love the video
Amazing... you should post pics of the finished blades too!

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