Introduction: F-50

Picture of F-50

All we need is an A-4 Paper and some skill

Step 1: A4 Paper

Picture of A4 Paper

Fold and then unfold an A4 paper

Step 2: Fold Triangle Shape

Picture of Fold Triangle Shape

Fold the paper and make sure the edges are on the line that you fold and unfold the paper

Step 3: Fold One More Time

Picture of Fold One More Time

Fold one more time so it would be look like pic 2

Step 4: Fold It in Horizontal Line

Picture of Fold It in Horizontal Line

Fold it in horizontal line so the top would touch the bottom ( pic 2)

Step 5: Fold Two Edges Parallel

Picture of Fold Two Edges Parallel

Fold the two top edges so it would be parallel with each other and with the middle line

Step 6: Fold the Nose Up

Picture of Fold the Nose Up

Fold up the plane's nose up to the top

Step 7: Fold the Plane Vertically Half

Picture of Fold the Plane Vertically Half

Fold the plane half in vertical

Step 8: Fold the Wing

Picture of Fold the Wing

Fold the wing

Step 9: Fold the Tail

Picture of Fold the Tail

Unfold the wing then fod the bottom edge so the point of the edge will touch the unfold wing line

Step 10: Fold It to the Back

Picture of Fold It to the Back

Open it wide the put the edge to the back, it's pretty easy but tricky if you don't understand

Step 11: Fold a Wing Stabelizer

Picture of Fold a Wing Stabelizer

Fold it like the photo

Step 12: No Go and Unleash the Plane!

Picture of No Go and Unleash the Plane!


vinz3nt (author)2015-02-04

great instructable, very clear instructions. thanks, I'm going to try it this weekend with my children.

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