Introduction: F2000

Here is my SSV F2000. If you would like information on it, please refer back to my slideshow on it.

This is the instructable for the gun. A few people wanted it so here you guys go. 
But before you build it, take a look at the pros and cons:

  • Good power
  • Good accuracy
  • pretty easy to load
  • Doesn't use any broken parts
  • Uses two of the orange yellow connectors with the tab on top. (You need these)
  • Uses lots of parts
Need help with anything? Drop a comment.

Step 1: Sight (optional)

If you don't want to waste all of your parts, you don't have to make the removable sight. But if you do it makes the sight and the gun look a little bit cooler.

Step 2: Top Rail

This is going to be the hardest and most annoying and time consuming part of the gun to build.I know, I know, I hate making things like this too.

Step 3: Back Body Portion

This is the back of the body. This part is the stock. It also has the ratchet in it.

Step 4: BREAK!!!

What a good time to have a break. For this break, go eat a block of cheese. Why cheese you ask? I honestly don't know.

Step 5: Front Body Portion

This is the front of the body. This has the trigger and the handle.

Step 6: Front Details

Without these this wouldn't look like an F2000. Seriously!

Step 7: The Rest

The gun is built. Now we need to put on elastics and shoot the thing! We will also make the magazine in this step.



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    i built this it is awesome but don have enough yellow connecters for the mag [suck for me]

    How do you cock the gun when a bullet is loaded? You'll have to get the bands past the bullet.

    I've just built this, and man oh man do my fingers hurt! It's a really cool gun, but it has a couple of issues, mainly the fact that it is really unreliable, hard to load, and hard to cock. In order to reload, one must pull the band back with both hands, and up and around the ratchet. It's a great gun, but it is not currently battle worthy.

    This is awesome. I can't believe I hadn't noticed it before.

    Hey man, I'm hardly on here anymore :/ But I thank you for the compliment!
    *sigh.. I'm not active at all anymore, maybe once every three weeks. I know how many people liked my stuff but I think I've lost interest in instructables and knex! :(

    I'm not bothering to get on here anymore either. (Sup? :)) Instructables takes 5 goddamn years to load, so I don't bother with it. Even Shadowman39 isn't active. (Though he is working on something.)

    Did I say that? =P