This is a new type of grenade that I designed

It uses a spring motor that is activated by pushing up the pin on the bottom (after being cranked) to fling shrapnel to distances not achievable by your average run-of-the-mill grenades...or should I say blunt throwing objects...*cough cough*. On average, this grenade can fling various shrapnel (green rods, ball joints and connectors, etc...) up to 25 feet. The best feature of the grenade, besides its blast radius, is how YOU DON'T NEED TO REASSEMBLE IT; you just reload the shrapnel, and toss again.

I also have a slightly different version of this that can be fired from a Knex RPG launcher!!!!! (coming later this year, because the M4 is using most of my pieces).

Step 1: Parts List

I forgot to add in the white rods...there are 16 of them

Also, the invisible object next to the "=2" is a blue small gear

All black ball joints can be substituted by tan clips or similar pieces
can you use something else instead of ball point connecters
nevermind. i thought it was for shrapnel.
 can i see a vid of if working?
3* The idea is good but it doesn't work well. (You should make this as a spinning top)<br />
I'm guessing you're out of gray 1 connectors lolz<br />
omg you have 2 mini motors! I have 105+ pounds of knex but only one mini motor!<br />
you should glue the non moving pieces to make it permanent, and less fragile on impact
would buld, but dont have that weird spring motor.:(
:P its all good. they are pretty easy to find if you are that desperate to build it. otherwise you arent really missing out
oh well. can you make another time bomb grenade like this without a spring motor. how 'bout one with springs or rubberbands instead?
i can try that. If i can find time i will
thnks! tell me when youre done!
hey i have the same box! lol nice instructable anyway
lol thanks
no problemo
hahaha you got the name "anti-personnel" from the game red faction 2! you cant hide from me!!!
haha no actually i didnt i've never played that game and &quot;anti-personnel&quot; just means its a weapon used to kill things haha see: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-personnel_weapon">wikipedia</a><br/>
it would help if ewe posted a you tupe video of the device in action
no camera i can afford at the moment could capture the speed of the shrapnel from the grenade but it's pretty simple how it works. 1.crank grenade and pull down on pin to lock 2.load shrapnel 3.throw 4.pin hits ground, unlocks, shrapnel flies 5.lather, rinse, repeat
nice inventiveness
haha thanks
Nice 1! :)
problem is with this thing as cool as it is it's not very practical to carry around with you. I'm trying to invent a real real grenade that can be lanched from an attachment that I'm adding to my latest gun. I could just as easily make a connector grenade but I want something to actually explode. This idea was pretty good though. Keep it up.
ya this is only 1 of my grenades...i have many but this one was the easiest one to make an instructable. i also have an rpg launcher in the making
how do you get the ammo to stay in the grenade, everytime ive thrown it it falls out before the grenade lands :(
good question, i had that problem before. This is one of the drawbacks of a grenade like this, but it can pretty much be made up for. what i originally did was put a few pieces of double sided tape on the bottom of the load area, but this limited the amount of shrapnel i could put in. Now, when i use it, i put a few ball joint connectors on the inside ball joints to kind of seal it off, but when it is set off, the pieces are flung out and move the ball joint connectors out of the way. This grenade has a few flaws and the second version works much better than this...I am still adding finishing touches to it. If you figure out a way to combat this, please tell me, I'd be interested to know.
Looks sweet! I wanna try this. how much stuff does it shoot? lots? great! Nice work
you can put alot of pieces inside but to many will make it jam thanks
"+" 1 Badass!
haha thanks

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