Step 14: In action

Picture of In action
If you still can't figure out this simple system here is a picture walkthrough

1. Get your grenade
2. Turn the pin the opposite way the arrow goes on your spring motor
3. When you have cranked to the desired amount, pull down on the pin so the top tan clip locks into the white snowflake connector
4. Fill with "shrapnel"
5. Toss grenade so it lands with the pin(gear side) hitting the ground

Tan clip unlocks, motor engages and shrapnel goes flying everywhere. The last picture doesn't do it any justice, but you get the idea.

If you have any questions, you can message me and I will try my best to help you.
neardood7 years ago
it would help if ewe posted a you tupe video of the device in action
flames10391 (author)  neardood7 years ago
no camera i can afford at the moment could capture the speed of the shrapnel from the grenade but it's pretty simple how it works. 1.crank grenade and pull down on pin to lock 2.load shrapnel 3.throw 4.pin hits ground, unlocks, shrapnel flies 5.lather, rinse, repeat