F2 Pump Action Grenade Launcher With F2.1 Improvements

Picture of F2 Pump Action Grenade Launcher With F2.1 Improvements
The F2 Grenade Launcher is the second in my grenade/rocket launcher series. The major change in the launcher is that this version is pump-action (meaning that it has a slide like a shotgun), and can fire quicker than the F1.


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The F2 Review of Features

The F2 Firing

The F2.1

Here are some of the F2 (with F2.1 Improvements) pros and cons:


-Can fire faster than the F1

-Easier to load because of the empty top area

-More effective rocket (the X2 Dumbfire Rocket)

-Can shoot about 20 Feet


-Can hold many rubber bands

-Effective sight


-Pump may require 2 hands (depending on amount of rubber bands)


The F2.1 has a few major and minor improvements such as:

-I added a sight

-The firing runway is now straight

-Improved stability of the sides and front of the gun

-Can hold more rubber bands-thus more firing power
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Step 1: Bottom Side Part 1

This is the bottom frame and the trigger frame of the launcher.

Step 2: Bottom Side Part 2 and Rubber Band Holder Base

This is the end of the bottom work, and is the laying of foundations for the rubber band holder at the front of the launcher.

Step 3: Barrel Base

This is the base of the barrel, where the rockets are loaded and fired.

Step 4: Attaching Parts

Picture of Attaching Parts
Attaching the bottom of the gun, barrel base, and the holder.

Step 5: Trigger

Picture of Trigger
The trigger of the gun.

Step 6: Walls

The sides and back of the gun

Step 7: Pump

The pump to load the rubber bands on the launcher.

Step 8: Back Part 2, Upper Sides

This finishes the entire back section, and gets most of the upper sides done.

Step 9: Back Sight and Part of Top

The rear sight, and some of the top of the launcher

Step 10: Rubber Band Holders, Finishing the Sides

here we add the things that hold the rb's in place, as well as finish building the sides.

Step 11: Putting on the Pump

Picture of Putting on the Pump
to do that, you need to take it apart, than reassemble it inside the launcher.

Step 12: Firing Rubber Bands and Trigger Rubber Bands

For my launcher, I made 2 sets of 3 rubber bands ties together, for my firing rbs, and for the trigger rbs, I used a few regular rubber bands.

Step 13: The X2 Rocket

This is how to build the X2 Rocket,the ammo used in the launcher. The ammo is loaded just in front of the trigger.