If you've ever wanted to find out the password to your router because you may have forgotten it or something then here is a simple little guide on how to find out the pass in two simple steps! and it's something I figured out the other day :)

Step 1: Finding the Code!

The first thing you need to do is right click on the password box and then go down to `This frame` and then click on `View frame source` And then a big page of html code will appear!

Step 2: Find the Password!

Now go to Where I have highlighted on the html code and that is your password and in my case my password is `carpets1`

Step 3: Other Stuff!

This was to show you how to get your password for your belkin F5D7633-4 and I'm not sure if this works for every router but it's worth a try :)

By the way
This doesn't work on any old site so don't try it.
It's because that password is contained within your home network!
But other sites they have encrypted files which hold people passwords. and they do not contain them within the html.

If you have any question then don't hesitate to ask!!
<p>please tell me this below line means.</p><p>var passWord=Base64.Encode($(&quot;password&quot;).value.replace(/\s/g,&quot;@&quot;));</p>
I tried this for a while then eventually realized that to do this you first need to...<br><br>download firefox 4<br>head to the website and find the add ons download page<br>download and install the add on called &quot;FrameExt&quot; <br><br>then follow the steps above<br><br>*you may need to download firefox 3.5 if this doesn't work
umm my dad has a belkin router but i just dont know how to do this? help lol
Sounds dubious to me, does not work on mine. You sure it isn't a cached page you're looking at? Firmware version - F5D7633-4Av1_UK_1.00.11
ya i had to do this with my belkin router too because my parents are dummies

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