I know this is optional, but for Halloween I would like the whole costume to be complete.

Use a pair of old shoes and decorate with glitter and silk flowers.  If you don't have white shoes, you can paint old shoes with acrylics or with white spray paint.

The trick-or-treat basket is just the body of a milk jug, some ribbon and flowers.

I would have loved this as a child! She must have had a great Halloween! Voting! So cool.<br>Sunshiine
5 Star-FaNTabUlOuSlY-ADORABLE -VOTED-for Ible!<br><br>So there! ;-D
Gorgeous, and your little fairy is precious! <br>ingeeeeeeeeeenious :0)
I just saw your comment. Thank you so much =)
Am &quot;following &quot; you. 10/10
OMG, who would say that it is made from milk jugs??? you have done a great job from what someone will say it is garbage...keep up the good work :)
Thanks. You made my night =)
no problem, keep up the good work :D
Hey I noticed that you have a featured instructable that is also on the front page.<br>I have a featured one that doesn't show up on the front page, and I published it yesterday. Can you help? Thanks<br>(I have the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree one)
Sorry, I really don't know the answer. I would contact Instructables and ask.
Thanks, <br>maybe it was the domain I put my instructable under.<br>Did you use public domain?
Some instructables are only featured in the channels. Some are featured on the front page, but not all.
Thank You for your help.<br>I understand now!

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