I wanted a fake access panel for my futuristic door i made. so here it is.


1. 1 piece of white plexiglass 12x20

2. 1 piece of clear plexiglass 12x20

3. 1 piece 1/4" plywood

4 1 piece of 1x1 1/4" 6'

5. led lights that suit your build.

6. alum. tape

7. wood screws

8. solder, heat shrink, tape, wire, 12v plug


1. screw gun

2. drill and bits

3. i used a bandsaw to cut my plexiglass

4. wire strippers solder gun


Step 1:

i found this hand photo on the internet and changed it a bit to suit my build, then printed it on photo paper.. i then made a 1x frame a little bigger then a sheet of paper. i made a back out of 1x4 ply wood. i cover everything in the box with alum. tape in hopes to make it brighter.

Step 2:

i mounted led lights where i wanted them to light up. some were not bright enough so i drilled and cut the white plexiglass. i then stacked the white plexiglass, the photo, clear plexiglass, and drilled the corners and screwed them together.

Step 3:

i then hooked them in to the garage door opener so as they will light up when the door is in use.

thanks for looking at my instructable

Step 4:



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    Reminds me of that door in flynt lockwoods lab, form the movie cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Tried to find a gif or pic but no go.

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    Have you thought about throwing an Attiny (Or even an Arduino) in there together with some capacitive touch thingy? :3 I really like the looks of it.

    yea, i thought of alot more things i could have done to make it a lot better. but not many people will see it but me [and instructables] so i had to say good enough.


    I really like your project. It looks great.

    I just read where BallscrewBob mentioned using an Arduino and a loose plate to activate lights. If you were to use an Arduino you could make the contact points touch sensitive. Once they are touch sensitive, either by capacitive, temperature, or pressure, then you could also make the touch points a combination by touching different places in certain order to automatically unlock the door.

    Maybe I'm just overlooking it, but I can't seem to find a link to the video? I'd love to see it in action - looks great!

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    If your on a phone, it's not where it should be. I clicked on the top photo of the access panel and scroll through till I got to the video. Hope this helps.

    Man...this along with the door into the shop you did are 2 of the coolest things I've ever seen in my life. WELL done indeed!!

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    If I built this I would be very tempted to throw an Arduino in there and make the plate loose enough to trigger a small switch and activate the lights and a small speaker / buzzer. I think its an awesome little project.


    truly great bro

    you are a genious

    i was thinking of making an actual biometric lock

    can you please guide me on that

    email- wasilkatchi@gmail.com

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    if your asking is it hard to make. the answer is no unless you dont have tools and a little imagination. then it would be difficult. i made this in a few hours.
    Thanks TheGoose

    That is totally brilliant. You have the heart of a true sci-fi hero.
    So simple so effective so awesome. I love it so much I am going to build one now!
    The door was amazing but this is another level.
    Keep going, ever expanding your workshop universe.
    Thank you for sharing.